Our center provides "Student Success and Development" Workshops every semester which introduces tools and strategies for obtaining and increasing students' chances of achieving success and maintaining a positive academic standing. Our student success specialists inform students of the various types of academic status (good standing, probation, suspension, or dismissal), explanations and implications of their current academic status and strategies for obtaining good standing while working to obtain or maintain the status of master students.

NEW: CSS Success Workshops - STEP IT UP!! IT'S ACADEMICS - Study Habits - Good vs Bad


  • English Proficiency Exam (EPE)
    • Provides test taking strategies while reviewing basic writing and grammar skills in preparation for this Exam.
    • Contact Person:  Jennifer Palmer-Crawford
  • Study Skills
    • Include time management skills, study habits, tips for helping with memory, ideal study environments which maximizes your potential while utilizing all resources available while becoming a master student!
    • Contact Persons: Dahlia Stridiron or Jacinthe Proctor
  • Financial Aid
    • Provides an overview of the rules and regulations related to obtaining financial aid, reasons for ineligibility and  strategies for re-establishing eligibility status!
    • Contact Person: Jacinthe Proctor

To request a workshop, contact  Jacinthe Proctor on St. Thomas, Ms. Maria Fleming on St. Croix.