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Minor in Psychology

The psychology minor affords students the opportunity to learn about psychology as a complement to their chosen major or to develop their independent interests in the area.  A minor will help students learn how and why they and others think and behave the way they do, and why they react as they do to situations and to one another; useful knowledge for everyday life as well as at work.  The psychology minor can be a wonderful addition to many majors, whether you are in education interested in developmental psychology, in business needing to understand how to motivate employees and learn the most effective marketing approach, in biology looking at neuropsychology or in nursing to learn about the psychological underpinnings of health and illness and mental illness, you will be able to find courses to provide you breadth and depth to compliment your primary major while providing insight into the understanding of psychology. 

In addition to the PSY 120 prerequisite, students must complete (with a grade of C or higher) the required listed courses and two additional 300-level or higher elective Psychology courses for a total of 19 credits, which can be completed on either campus.  

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Dean Dr. Simon B. Jones-Hendrickson
Department Chair Dr. Dion E. Phillips
Program Coordinator - St. Thomas Dr. Kathleen Dudemaine
Program Coordinator - St. Croix Dr. Aletha Baumann
Administrative Assistant Ms. Dian P. Gréaux-Levons, CAP-OM