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Associate of Science in Nursing

The Associate of Science in Nursing Degree Program is designed to prepare graduates to assess, plan, implement, manage and evaluate nursing care competently for clients with common predictable health problems.

A total of 73 credits is needed to complete the program, with 40 credits in nursing and 33 credits in general education. Prerequisite courses require at least two semesters of study and the clinical nursing sequence requires four semesters to complete for full-time students. Students wishing to progress on a part-time basis may complete the clinical nursing courses in six semesters.

Upon successful completion of the ASN Program, the graduate is eligible to apply to take the NCLEX-RN Examination for licensure as a registered nurse. In addition to successful completion of NCLEX-RN, licensure requirements vary, so students should contact the Board of Nursing in the state or territory in which they plan to practice. Contact information can be retrieved at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website:

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