School of Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Student Outcomes Learning Assessment
The Student Learning Outcomes are in keeping the University’s Mission and the Philosophy of the BSN program.  The graduate of this program:
  1. Competently executes the nursing process
  2. Effectively communicates as a therapeutic agent and as a professional
  3. Demonstrates professionalism through behaviors and attitudes that reflect competency, accountability, and a commitment to self-improvement.
  4. Utilizes research findings and critical thinking skills
  5. Applies ethical, moral, and legal standards
  6. Utilizes technology to facilitate the delivery of quality care.
  7. Actively engages in positive action through public service.

Program Objectives
BSN Program Outcomes are defined as the indicators by which Program effectiveness is measured and include:    

  • NCLEX pass rates (ACEN required)
  • Job placement rates (ACEN required)
  • Graduate/alumni/employer satisfaction rates (ACEN required)
  • Graduation rates (ACEN required)
  • Continuing ACEN accreditation

Assessment Methods Utilized by the School of Nursing

  • NCLEX-RN first time pass rates
  • Graduate, Alumni and Employer surveys
  • Standardized exams (ATI), Faculty-prepared exams
  • Clinical Performance Measures

Licensure Pass Rates
  • 2015 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program = 60%
  • 2014 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program = 25%
  • 2013 Bachelor of Science in Nursing  Program = 75%