School of Nursing
Advanced Placement in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) Program

Students who have graduated from an accredited program, passed the NCLEX-RN examination and hold valid Virgin Islands registered nursing license will be granted a maximum of 35 credits in consideration of nursing courses completed in the course of obtaining an associate degree. Credit for NUR 208, NUR 228, NUR 229, NUR 308, NUR 309, NUR 318 and NUR 319 will be granted with evidence that the student is a registered nurse. RN-BSN students graduating from non-NLNAC accredited nursing programs, once accepted, will be given credit for Fundamentals of Nursing, NUR 208. All other 200 and 300 level nursing courses must be challenged. Challenge testing is through the NLN Mobility Profile II tests, faculty prepared tests, and faculty clinical evaluations. Students have a maximum of two (2) opportunities to successfully challenge these courses. If they are unsuccessful on any test, the course must be taken. The table below displays the challenge test, the course equivalent and the number of credits for each.

NLN Mobility Profile Tests and Equivalent BSN Courses and Credit
Test Course Equivalent Credits
NLN Normal Nutrition NUR 207: Nutrition 2
Faculty prepared NUR 209: Health Assessment 2
NLN Care of the Client During Childbearing NUR 228: Nursing Roles with the Childbearing Family* 6

NLN Care of the Adult

NUR 229: Pharmacology in Nursing
NUR 308: Nursing Roles in Adult Care I*
NUR 319: Nursing Roles in Adult Care II*
NLN Care of the Client with Mental Disorders NUR 318: Nursing Roles in Mental Health* 5
NLN Chemistry CHE 111-112: Principles of Chemistry for the Life Sciences I-II 4-4
NLN Anatomy and Physiology BIO 261-262: Principles of chemistry for the Life Sciences I-II 4-4
NLN Microbiology BIO 301: Microbiology for the Health Sciences 4

*One comprehensive clinical evaluation will be conducted following successful challenge of the theory component of the above listed courses.

All registered nurses seeking the baccalaureate degree must seek advisement from a nursing faculty member to plan their individual programs of study. All students will be required to complete NUR 121, Concepts of Nursing, as the first course in the B.S.N. Advanced Placement Sequence, and complete all other required courses in the BSN paradigm.

Curriculum Outline for the RN-BSN Student
First Semester Credits Second Semester Credits
Chem 111 4 Chem 112 4
NUR 209 2 NUR 121 2
MAT 140 4 COM 119 3
SPA/FRE 131 4 SPA/FRE 132 3
NUR 207 2 Total  12
Total 16
Third Semester Credits Fourth Semester Credits
NUR 417 6 NUR 419 3
NUR 418 6 NUR 424 5
MAT 235 4 NUR 422 2
Social Science Elective 3
Total 16 Total 13

In order to enroll in NUR 121 students must have: 1) a 2.5 cumulative GPA and 2) be accepted to the BSN Program.

To progress in the nursing sequence a student must achieve a minimum grade of "C" in all nursing courses of the major and maintain a minimum 2.0 overall average.

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