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Minor in Entrepreneurship

The minor in Entrepreneurship is offered to all UVI students regardless of their degree program. The program is designed to supplement any other degree with a focus on the fundamental skills of entrepreneurship covered in six courses or eighteen total hours. Entrepreneurship education will prepare the student with the tools and experiences necessary to explore the role of new venture creation within their primary discipline. The minor is equally accessible to non-business students through the creation of a set of six, one credit hour, online concept courses that provide maximum flexibility to any UVI student wishing to pursue the minor. Business students must complete a subset of the business core which is already required for their program prior to enrolling in the minor. All requirements for the minor can be completed on either campus.

Prerequisites for Non-business students
Non-business students are required to take the following set of concept courses. These courses are 100% online and are self-paced to provide the student maximum access and flexibility.

Courses Credits
ACC 100 Concepts in Financial Accounting 1
CIS 100 Concepts in Information Systems   1
DSC 100 Concepts in Operations Management        1
FIN 100 Concepts in Finance  1
MGT 100 Concepts in Management   1
MKT 100 Concepts in Marketing    1

Prerequisites for business students
Business students are required to take the following set of business core courses prior to enrolling in the minor.

Courses Credits
ACC 201 Financial Accounting I 3
CIS 210 Business Information Systems 3
MGT 301 Principles of Management  3
MKT 301 Principles of Marketing 3
FIN 301 Fundamentals of Finance 3

Required courses in Entrepreneurship
The students enrolled in the minor will complete the following set of courses in entrepreneurship.

Courses Credits
ENT 200 Introduction to Entrepreneurship  3
ENT 300 Foundations of Entrepreneurial Experience I    3
ENT 301 Foundations of Entrepreneurial Experience II   3
ENT 310 Entrepreneurship Throughout the Caribbean   3
ENT 410 Managing a Growing Business   3
ENT 420 Entrepreneurship Field Seminar     3

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