College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Computer & Computational Sciences

K-20 CyberSecurity Workforce Initiative and opportunities for students (New)

Computer Science Programs

Please take the time to review the following list which indicate what semester/year each course is offered. This list will help you to planned your graduation year. Please, contact your advisor for additional information.

Planned Course Offerings Fall Spring Summer
CSC 111 X X X
CSC 117 X X X
CSC 118 X X
CSC 119 X X X
CSC 120 (replaces CSC 197 and CSC 198) X
CSC 239 X
CSC 240 X
CSC 241 X
CSC 242 X
CSC 243 X
CSC 250 X
CSC 317 X
CSC 245 (replaces CSC 332) X
CSC 310 X
CSC 333 X
CSC 352 X
CSC 363 X
CSC 397 X
CSC 398 X
CSC 420 X
CSC 430 X
CSC 433 X
CSC 434 X
CSC 465 X
CSC 471 X
CSC 495 X X X
CSC 496 X X X
CSC 497 X
CSC 498 X