2014 Cassie Award Winning Website

In August of 2013, the University of the Virgin Islands launched a new website that represented a comprehensive website redesign and content auditing process. The project was managed by UVI’s Office of Public Relations within the Institutional Advancement Component. The Website Committee provided guidance and established standards for the UVI website to ensure high quality and consistency of content, organization, and presentation of information. Using decentralized website content management, each department/unit is responsible for the information communicated on their webpages.

  • 6,800+ daily page views
  • 5,500+ PDFs
  • 4,300+ webpages
  • 840+ daily visitors
  • 600+ employee directory profiles
  • 100+ content contributors
  • 50+ domain names
  • 40 website sections
  • 4 microsites
  • 2 trainings each semester

The new website utilizes modern layout, responsive design, ISO/IEC 40500:2012 and WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards, enhanced content, improved navigation, social media and multimedia integration, electronic submission forms, Cascade Server content management system and Spectate web marketing tools. The site includes 10 customized audience gateways (prospective studentscurrent studentsprospective employeescurrent employeesmediapartners and donorsparents and familiesalumnieducators and guidance counselors, and lifelong learners) highlighting eventsannouncementsnews releases, featured stories, and documents for each audience group. UVI A to Z, the Google-based document and image search tool, header and footer links are frequently used as key navigation elements.

What's New

Quick Reference Links

Accessibility Resources

New Projects, Prototypes & Drafts


  • Website navigation and architecture must enable target audiences to efficiently and effectively find information
    • Decrease average page load time (in seconds)
  • Strategically upgrade the graphical appearance to improve website appeal and traffic
    • Increase monthly visits
    • Increase average visit durations (in minutes:seconds)
  • Optimize a content management system that empowers contributors to easily maintain web content
    • At least two website content contributors per website section

With UVI Administration, the Website Committee plans, organizes and oversees overall content, layout, design and functionality of the UVI website. Using decentralized website management, each department/unit is responsible for the information presented in their website section.

  • Amy Schweizer, Faculty Representative
  • (vacant position), Faculty Representative
  • Caroline Polydore Simon, Microsite Representative
  • Cherie Wheatley, Customer Service Representative
  • Dannica Thomas, Information Technology & Assessment Services Representative
  • (vacant position), Student Representative
  • Donald Bailey, Research and Public Service Representative
  • (vacant position), Institutional Advancement Representative
  • Moneca Pinkett, Webmaster (Committee Chair)
  • Nyisha Brathwaite, Access and Enrollment Services Representative
  • Patricia Towal, Student Affairs Representative

As webmaster, Moneca Pinkett trains content contributors, manages the content management system, chairs the Website Committee, analyzes website traffic and ensures website branding compliance.  Pinkett's responsibilities include working in close collaboration with UVI administrators, faculty and staff to upgrade web pages and sections on a timely basis and to design and produce additional University web pages or sections, as needed.

The UVI website does not collect personal information about you when you visit, unless you choose to submit such information to us. If you choose to share information with us - either by sending us a message or filling out an electronic form with personal information - we will use the information only for the purposes you authorized. Some of the information may be saved for a designated period of time to comply with federal archiving policies, but we will not disclose the information to third parties or government agencies unless required to do so by state or federal law or by your specific permission.

Our servers automatically recognize the domain and IP address from which you accessed the website, and we record related information that helps us make our site more accessible, such as information about operating systems, screen resolutions and the volume and timing of access. This information does not result in the identification of your personal e-mail address or any other personal information.

Please be aware that at UVI there are many website's within the uvi.edu domain. This policy relates to those website's on which UVI conducts its official business. Because we encourage the development and deployment of technology in an environment of academic freedom, we cannot ensure that all website's within the uvi.edu domain are in strict compliance with this policy at all times.