The University of the Virgin Islands Public Relations Office (PRO) works to ensure that members of the media are able to receive accurate information in a timely manner. The PRO serves as the first point of contact for all media representatives. Please allow us to assist you by advising PRO staff at of potential story ideas or projects.

Provide your name, organization, contact information, deadline and a detailed description of the item you are working on, and a PRO professional will get back to you as soon as possible.

Interviews on Campus
If you would like to visit a UVI site to interview UVI students, faculty or staff, please let us know before your arrival at

UVI Experts
The University of the Virgin Islands boasts more than 250 faculty members and researchers whose expertise is varied. Contact the PRO at to determine the best person to speak with about a particular topic.

Campus Photography/Videography
Permission is required for videography or still photography at any UVI site. Please forward an advance request to if you’d like to utilize either of the University’s beautiful campuses as a location or backdrop.