The Situation...

Men who graduate from college have a greater chance to reach their full potential and contribute to the growth of a society. They even earn more than men who graduate from high school. It's a fact.

This is Dr. David Hall, president of the University of the Virgin Islands. UVI offers quality and value in higher education. But we have a crisis in the Virgin Islands in regards to young men. And we need your help in order to make college a reality in the lives of more young men in the Virgin Islands. Without you we can't make the difference that we need to make in the lives of young men in this territory.
 - Text of UVI NPR radio spot

Join UVI's Male Initiative...
The University of the Virgin Islands has begun a Male Initiative - Brothers With A Cause (BWC) - with the goal of attracting more male students to the University and providing tools and support to help them graduate.

Groups of interested male students have begun meeting with UVI President David Hall on the St. Croix and St. Thomas campuses. They have made the following initial suggestions:

  • Expanding academic support programs (including peer tutoring)
  • Expanding and strengthening UVI's athletic programs
  • Developing a public relations campaign that projects a positive image of manhood for boys
  • Developing a mentorship program for junior high and high school boys
  • Developing male organizations on campus (fraternities, brotherhoods, etc.)
  • Improving campus life for all students

We cordially invite your ideas, your participation and your financial support. For details, visit these links:

Male Initiative - Donations/Support...
We are seeking contributions from UVI alumni and community supporters to help fund the activities and goals developed by the UVI Male Initiative. For specific details on how to provide financial support, visit the UVI web site Giving Section.

Male Initiative - Volunteers/Mentors...
Individuals who have graduated from college and are willing to serve as mentors to young men in college are being sought. This applies to both UVI alumni and non-alumni.  Interested persons should send an email to Please include all of the following information: name, age, occupation, alma mater, phone number, and email address.

Male Initiative - Information Clearinghouse...
The UVI Male Initiative - Brothers With A Cause (BWC) - is developing a clearinghouse of male-oriented organizations in the Territory. Individuals affiliated with boys groups at their churches, schools, community centers, etc. are asked to provide a brief description of their group's goals and missions. Also please provide information on a contact person.

Male Initiative - Contacts...
The following individuals at UVI are providing administrative support to the Male Initiative.

  • Dr. Haldane Davies, Vice President for Business Development and Innovation - Phone: (340) 693-1000 - Email:
  • Mr. Sean Georges, Student Housing Supervisor - Phone: (340) 693-1112 - Email:

'We have a crisis in the Virgin Islands
in regards to young men.
We need your help in order to make college a reality in their lives.'

- UVI President Dr. David Hall