WOW Customer Service!

Wow Customer Service is an invigorating philosophy that is spreading across all the components and departments of the University of the Virgin Islands. This is an opportunity for all employees of UVI to refresh their service delivery style and refocus on the customer to ensure that every person that comes in contact with you will have a positive memorable customer experience.


The goal here is to transform the university environment to a service-oriented culture where each person delivers high quality, friendly, customer-focused service that is always more than expected or necessary. It is our hope that every employee should manifest a positive and helpful attitude when dealing with external and internal customers, and most importantly our students. On our journey to greatness UVI will become the model organization and leader in the Territory in the area of customer service. We must help transform service delivery in the Territory by first transforming our service culture.

Wow Customer Service Guidelines

In delivering our services, we should always remember the following guidelines:

  • To Smile
  • To Greet Everyone We Meet
  • To Know Our Jobs...And the University
  • To Treat Your Concern as Our Concern
  • To Follow Up On Everything
  • To Treat our Co-Workers As We Would a Customer
  • To value both internal and external customers and be responsive to their needs
  • To always remember that Communication Courtesy Matters