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Special Announcement for January 26, 2009

Good Day UVI. This is a Special Announcement for Monday, Jan. 26, 2009. It is for the entire University community.

University Implements Emergency Text Messaging Service

Safety on our campuses is each individual's  responsibility. The University is committed to  providing the safest environment possible for the campus community. Learning from recent events and the nation's current focus on campus safety, UVI now offers an emergency notification system to broadcast emergency information to users through text messaging.

The University has implemented the use of text messaging as one of the means of disseminating information to students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency on campus.


Text messaging is a practical option for quickly and efficiently transmitting vital information.  When a safety or security emergency occurs on campus, a text message will be sent immediately to each user who is enrolled in the service, to alert them to the emergency and to provide instructions as to how to proceed.


To participate in this program, students, faculty and staff will have to sign up to receive critical emergency broadcast communication by registering their email address and cell phone number on-line through their BanWeb account.  Open enrollment is currently available until February 6, 2009.


There are no UVI fees to register for the emergency text message alert system.  However, based on your cell phone plan, text messaging fees may apply.


All interested students, faculty and staff must register by February 6th in order to participate in the UVI Text Message Alert system. 

To register, go to: https://banweb.uvi.edu/

  1. Login to secure area. Provide your user identification number, User ID, and your personal identification number, PIN.
  2. Select the Personal Information Tab to confidentially update your cell phone number and email address.
  3. Select Mobile/Cellular Number under Phone Type and add your cellular number including area code.
  4. Hit the "Submit" button at bottom of page to complete update.

For more information, contact UVI's Campus Executive Administrators Lily Mae Durante on St. Thomas at 693-1144 and Nereida Washington on St. Croix at 692-4161.