Research Highlight of the Month

tagging barracudas
UVI researcher Dr. Rick Nemeth surgically implanting a GPS transmitter into a barracuda. These transmitters will allow researchers to track the movement patterns of fish as they move in and out of Brewers Bay. For more information, call 340-693-1672. 

The faculty of the Center for Marine and Environmental Studies uses its unparalleled access to diverse tropical marine environments to engage in a variety of field and lab based research projects. Our goal is to provide much needed information to scientists, managers, and other stake-holders in the public and private sector by harnessing our collective expertise in areas ranging from coral reef ecology to oceanography and climate. The following links might be useful in your search of:

Our overarching research theme is Mare nostrum (Our Sea), under which we have numerous cross-cutting research areas. These areas involve the application of modern technology to highly collaborative, hypothesis driven research agendas. Some of our research areas include: