UVI's Emerging Caribbean Scientists (ECS) Program strives to increase interdisciplinary research training and promote excellence for science and mathematics students at the UVI.

Scholarship and Research Programs For Undergraduates:

  • NEW! DOE Cybersecurity Fellowship - For students interested in careers in cybersecurity, a new multi-disciplinary field involving processes and technologies deployed to protect critical infrastructures and data from vulnerabilities or attacks. Majors in mathematics, computer science, applied math, chemistry, biology, or marine biology with a minor in computational science are eligible.
  • NIH MARC Research Trainee Program - Provides seminars, mentoring, scholarships, research stipends, and funding for off-island research experiences for undergraduate students interested in earning a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science. Eligible majors include Psychology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Marine Biology.
  • NSF HBCU-UP Research Fellowship Program - Offers scholarships and stipends for (on-island and off-island) student research experiences in all Science and Mathematics fields.
  • NIH RISE Research Scholars Program - Includes seminars and mentoring for students interested in careers in biomedical research. Eligible majors are Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, Nursing, Computer Science and Marine Biology.

Summer Research Programs for STEM Undergraduates:

Summer Programs for High School Students & New Freshmen:

Click here for information on the Title III Health or Environmental Internship Opportunity.


ECS scholarship and summer research applications are due February 28th. Applications for the Math Behind the Science are typically due in the month of May. The application forms become available a few months before the deadline. Make sure to check the ECS Homepage regularly for updates.


To be considered, students must be admitted to UVI, complete an application form, have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 to 3.0 depending on the program, and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. For more information related to our programs, call the College of Science & Mathematics - Emerging Caribbean Scientists Programs at (340) 693-1249, or email ecs@uvi.edu.