Fall 2015 Activities List (including workshops, seminars, conferences, deadlines, info sessions and more)
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  • Sep 02 - Workshop: How to apply to graduate School by Dr. Teresa Turner, 12pm, Room B110 STT & NWW 103 STX
  • Sep 09 - Workshop: Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation by Dr. Edwin Cruz-Rivera, 12pm, Room B110 STT & NWW 103 STX
  • Sep 10 - GRE Prep Workshop, 1-3pm, CAB 302 (Send an email to ecs@uvi.eduamp;#160;to RSVP)
  • Sep 10 to 13 - Computational Workshop on Density Functional Theory. Contact Dr. Wayne Archibald to RSVP and get more information. Click here to see the agenda.
  • Sep 11 - SEMINAR TITLE: Connecting atomistic bond motifs and electronic effects in 2-D materials with x-ray spectroscopy presented by Prof. Theanne Schiros, Columbia University MRSEC and Hosted by Dr. Wayne Archibald at 12pm in Room: CAB 302
  • Sep 11 - ABRCMS Abstracts Submission deadline (http://www.abrcms.org/index.php/abstracts-posters) and to apply for travel awards
  • Sep 13 - UVI Fall Symposium registration deadline and abstracts submission due
  • Sep 14 - Seminar by visiting astronomer Onelda Bardho, STT CAB 306, 12pm
  • Sep 18 - Research Seminar by Biologist Dr. Paul Sikkel from Arkansas State University, STT Room B110 at 12:00pm
  • Sep 27 - Fall Student Research Symposium​,  ACC Building, UVI St. Thomas Campus, 1-3pm
  • Sep 30 - Research Seminar by alumna, Ms. Nicole Fleming (grad student at UNC Chapel Hill), STT Room B110 and STX Room NWW 103 at 12:00pm
  • Oct 14-16 - CERC 8th Health Disparities Institute, Marriott Frenchman's Reef, St. Thomas
  • Oct 30 - MARC/RISE Advisory Committee Meeting, 3-5pm, ACC
  • Nov 02 - Workshop: Writing a personal statement and completing applications for grad school & summer programs, 9am-5pm, STT Marine Science Conference room & EVC 308 on St. Croix (Hosted by Dr. Turner STT and Dr. Baumann STX)
  • Nov 04 - Research Seminar, Dr. Robert Donnelly of Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School, 12pm, B110 STT
  • Nov 05 - Preparing for ABRCMS Meeting, 1:00pm, STT Marine Science Conference Room
  • Nov 11-14 - ABRCMS Conference, Seattle, Washington
  • Nov 20 - NSBE guest speaker by the name of Deidre Gay-Buggs will present at 3:00 PM in CAB 302 on St. Thomas. She is from Boeing, the airlines manufacturing company.
  • Dec 04 - Workshop: How to apply to summer programs, Marine Science STT, 11am-1pm


Spring 2015 Schedule

  • Jan 21 - STT Room B110 at 12pm. Workshop: How to Apply to Summer Programs, Presented by UVI Senior students Murchtricia Charles, Chantel Ible, and Shelsa Marcel.
  • Jan 26 - STX Room RTP 226 at 1pm. Workshop: Applying to Summer Programs.
  • Feb 2 - Graduate Education Forum - CIC Consortium of the Big Ten Universities will be on campus to share info on summer programs and graduate school. St. THomas - West Hall 330, St. Croix - NWW 103 at 12:00pm
  • Feb 4 - STT Room B110 at 12pm. Research Seminar by Dr. Afiya Fredericks, UVI Psycology Alumna. Title: Mindsets Matter: An Investigation of the Effects of Belief Change Interventions on the Mathematics Performance of Students in the United States Virgin Islands
  • Feb 6 - STX Room NWW 133 at 3pm. Research Seminar by Dr. Afiya Fredericks, UVI Psycology Alumna. 
  • Feb 19 to Feb 21 - Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM, Washington DC
  • Feb 20 - UVI Research Day Abstract Deadline - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/UVI_Research_Day . ECS Scholars are required to submit an abstract. 
  • April 9 - 4th Annual UVI Research Day, both campuses

Fall 2014 Schedule (**indicates a deadline)

  • Sep 3 - Anthonio Brathwaite seminar - UVI New Faculty, Chemistry
  • Sep 5 - Edwin-Cruz Rivera seminar - UVI New Faculty, Chemical ecology
  • Sep 7** - Fall symposium abstracts due
  • Sep 10 - ECS Visiting Scientist Seminar: Dr. Milton Brown, Georgetown University, Drug Discovery (STT)
  • Sep 12 - Dr. Milton Brown seminar on St. Croix
  • Sep 19 -  ECS Visiting Scientist Seminar: Dr. Andrew Campbell, Brown University, Genetics
  • Sep 21 - Fall Student Research Symposium​
  • Nov 11-16 - ABRCMS Conference Travel

Spring 2014

  1. Jan-22, Workshop - Tips to apply for Summer Programs, 12pm, B-110, STT
    Jan-24, Applying to Summer Programs Workshop on St. Croix, NWW 131 @2pm
  2. Jan-29, Visiting Scientist Research Seminar by Dr. Robert Sekuler on cognitive neuroscience, Dept. of Psychology, Brandeis University, 12pm, B-110 on STT (videoconferenced to STX room EVC 713)
  3. Jan-30,Boston Early Medical School Selection Program Interviews, St. Thomas Campus
  4. Feb-3, Graduate Workshop - Applying to Research Fellowships, presented by Dr. Turner, 11am, B110 on STT & EVC 713 on STX
  5. Feb-5, Research Seminar by Dr. Michael Doyle,  Environmental science, UVI faculty member, 12pm B-110, STT
  6. Feb-12, Visiting Scientist Research Seminar by Dr. Juan Gilbert on Human Centered Computing, Computer Science, Clemson University, 12pm, B-110 on STT & NWW 103 on STX, www.humancenteredcomputing.org/
  7. Feb-20 to Feb-22,Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM, Washington DC
  8. Feb-21**, Spring Symposium Registration deadline AND abstract due
  9. Feb-28**, ECS Online Applications DEADLINE (including MARC, RISE, HBCUUP, SURE, SSSRI)
  10. Mar-22, St. Croix Spring Student Research Symposium, Albert A. Sheen Campus

Fall 2013 

  1. Aug-22, Faculty Workshop by Dr. Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, Psychology Professor at Columbia University,  6:00-8:30pm, ACC 142 STT,  Great Hall STX
  2. Aug-23,ECS Visiting Scientist-Research Seminar,Dr. Purdie-Vaughns,12pm,110 STT,EVC-302A STX
  3. Aug-28, Workshop - How to write an abstract, 12pm, 110 STT,  EVC-807 STX
  4. Sep-01, Deadline - ECS seniors submit list of Graduate Schools applied
  5. Sep-04, WORKSHOP, How to Give a Present a Poster, 12pm, 110, EVC-807 STX
  6. Sep-04, WORKSHOP, How to Give an Oral Presentation, 12pm, B101
  7. Sep-06, Research Seminar, Dr. Laurie McPearce, Psychiatrist, 12pm, 110, EVC-807 STX
  8. Sep-06, ABRCMS Abstract submission and travel award application deadline, Go to http://www.abrcms.org/index.php/abstracts-posters
  9. Sep-09, Fall Symposium Abstract submission and online registration deadline, http://ecs.uvi.edu
  10. Sep-11, ECS Visiting Scientist, Research Seminar, Dr. Shana Augustin,  UVI alumna,  Neuroscientist at University of Chicago, 12pm, 110 St. Thomas
  11. Sep-13, ECS Visiting Scientist, Research Seminar, Dr. Shana Augustin, 1:00pm, EVC 716 St. Croix
  12. Sep-19, WORKSHOP - presentation to students of BIO 245 – Genetics on lab techniques by UNC graduate students, 9am-12pm & 2-5pm, SCI 109 STT
  13. Sep-20, ECS Visiting Scientists, Research Seminar by UNC Chapel Hill grad students, 12pm, 110 STT, NWW 103  STX videoconference
  14. Sep-20, WORKSHOP, How to Apply to Graduate School, UNC Chapel Hill faculty member, 2:30-3:30pm, MSC 200 STT
  15. Sep-29, Fall Student Research Symposium, 1-3pm, ACC first floor conference room St. Thomas
  16. Oct-01, Deadline, ECS seniors must have taken the GRE and submit draft of personal statement
  17. Oct-07,CIC Consortium Recruitment Session, 1-3:40pm, T-213 STT, EVC 401 STX
  18. Oct-15, ECS seniors should have requested letters of recommendation from faculty by this date
  19. Oct-18, Research Seminar, Dr. Robert Donnelly of New Jersey Medical School, 12pm, 110 STT
  20. Nov-01, WORKSHOP, Working on Personal Statements and Graduate School Applications with Dr. Turner, 9am-5pm, MSC 200 STT
  21. Nov-07, Pre-ABRCMS meeting, 1-2pm, MSC 200 STT,  videoconference NWW 103 STX
  22. Nov 13-16, Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS), Nashville,  TN. ECS students to travel on Nov 12 and return Nov 17. 

Spring 2013

  1. 16-Jan, Workshop: How to apply to summer programs (STT), 12:00 PM, B-110 STT
  2. 23-Jan, Seminar: Bill Cruickshank , Boston University, 12:00 PM, B-110 STT
  3. 24-Jan, EMSSP Applicant Interviews (STT), All day, contact Sandra Romano sromano@uvi.edu
  4. 24-Jan, Info Session: All about EMSSP, 6:00PM, ACC 142 (STT), NWW 135 (STX)
  5. 25-Jan, Workshop: How to apply to summer programs (STX), 4:00 PM, EVC 133 STT
  6. 01-Feb, Seminar: Cornell Phillip, PhD, UVI alumnus, 12:00 PM, B-110 STT, NWW 103 STX
  7. 06-Feb, Seminar: Lesley Cottrell, West Virginia University,Medicine, 12:00PM, B-110 STT, NWW 103 STX
  8. 20-Feb, pre-ERN meeting, 4:00pm, STT CAB-205
  9. 22-Feb, Info Session: All about ECS (St. Croix), Presented by Dr. Teresa Turner, ALL DAY
  10. 25-Feb, Spring Symposium Deadline, http://ecs.uvi.edu
  11. 28-Feb, ECS Applications Deadline, http://ecs.uvi.edu
  12. 01-Mar, Info Session: Dr. John Spitsbergen, Western Michigan University REUs, B-110 STT
  13. 28-Feb to 2-Mar, ERN Conference, Washington DC
  14. 23-Mar, Spring Student Research Symposium, 1-3 pm, St. Croix, Great Hall
  15. 18-Apr, Summer Student Researchers Meeting, VC to STX, B-101 STT, 12:30 pm

Fall 2012

1. Aug-24, Seminar: Dr. Kristin Wilson, Marine Biology, 12:00 PM, B-110, STT
2. Aug-24, "All About ECS" Social, 6:30 PM, MMSC Conference room STT
3. Aug-29, Workshop: How to write an abstract, 12:00 PM, , B-110 STT, EVC 713 STX
4. Sep-5, Seminar: Dr. Julio Facelli, Bioinformatics, 12:00 PM, B-110, STT, EVC 713 STX
5. Sep-7, ABRCMS abstract deadline
6. Sep-10, Fall symposium deadline
7. Sep-12, Workshop: How to Present Your Research as an Oral Presentation, 12:00 PM, B-110, STT, NWW 103 STX
8. Sep-21, Seminar: UNC Chapel Hill Graduate Students, 12:00 PM, B-110 STT, EVC 713 STX
9. Sep-21, Workshop: How to apply to graduate school and summer programs, 2:30 PM, MMSC Conference room STT
10. Sep-23, Fall Research Symposium, 1-3pm, ACC, STT
11. Oct-5, Seminar: Dr. Robert Donnelly, Pathology, 12:00 PM, B-110, STT, EVC 713 STX
12. Oct 17-19, CERC Conference, 3 DAYS, SUGAR BAY RESORT, STT
13. Nov-1, Pre ABRCMS meeting, 12:00 pm, MMSC STT
14. Nov-2, Workshop: Personal Statement Writing , 2:30-5pm, MMSC Conference room STT
15. Nov 7-10, ABRCMS CONFERENCE, San Jose, California