In order to improve the educational experience of Virgin Islanders in areas essential to the management and development of the Territory, VI-EPSCoR supports a comprehensive education program that includes both education outreach in the community and K-12 schools, teacher education at UVI, and undergraduate and graduate education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Each of these programs gives students the opportunity to work with committed faculty researchers or experts in the wider community, and students are often involved in research projects. High school, undergraduate and graduate students present their work at science fairs, colloquia and conferences.

To this end, VI-EPSCoR has embarked on a number of initiatives to stimulate the interest of K-12 students.Increasing USVI students' interest in the areas of marine and environmental sciences is of great importance to the effective management of the Territory’s natural resources. Whether or not students pursue a career in one of these areas, sparking an interest through educational outreach programs, research opportunities, and graduate degrees will lead to a greater awareness of the potential contribution of each individual to the protection of the natural treasures that surround us.


  • Assessing the Use of Creative Problem Solving as Curricular Enhancements to Improve Social, Cognitive, and Behavioral Transformation in STEM
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  • VI-EPSCoR Helps to Broadening Participation in STEM Disciplines
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