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Request for Proposals: Business Development, Sales and Marketing

The RTPark is seeking professional sales, marketing and business development services, including but not limited to, design and execution of business development, sales and marketing strategies and executing marketing activities to attain stated goals and benchmarks. The successful Proposer would be expected to provide comprehensive, strategic and innovative sales, marketing and business development services to attract new, suitable clients that are consistent with the RTPark’s strategy and mandate. Proposals must be delivered and received on or before the closing date of Friday February 26th, 2016. 

Please be advised that due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the UVI RTPark RFP, the timeline published in the original RFP dated January 12, 2016 has been changed. The updated timeline is available here as well as in the full RFP.

To provide clarification and guidance which might assist those interested in submitting proposals, UVI RTPark has issued a set of Guiding Principles on our clients, markets, budget for the RFP and other general issues. This document is now available for review here.

The University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) Research and Technology Park (RTPark) is an economic development program that is designed to bring investment to the United States Virgin Islands by managing an incentive program and offering other advisory and technical services. It is a partnership between the private sector, the government of the US Virgin Islands and the University of the Virgin Islands. The goal of the RTPark is to successfully establish the U.S. Virgin Islands as a premier business destination of choice for firms in knowledge and technology intensive sectors.

The core value proposition that the RTPark presents to potential investors is three fold: tax incentives; the lifestyle of an island paradise; and the opportunity to contribute toimproving the quality of life in a community small enough for the activities of a single firm to make a difference. The RTPark presents the US Virgin Islands as an investment destination that provides access to affordable, reliable, world-class technological infrastructure; a sound legal framework that is favorable to inward investment; and impeccable governance systems that are business friendly.

The RTPark was established in 2002 and successfully attracted its first commercial client in 2006. The RTPark is headquartered in the 64 West Center, on the Albert A. Sheen campus of UVI in St Croix, US Virgin Islands. Access to Tier 1 Internet connectivity is made possible by the undersea cables on the Northwest tip of St Croix. There are reliable, first-rate data storage and data management facilities in the Level 3/Global Crossing data center. Fast, effective, affordable, best in class broadband communications services, as well as high quality data storage and hosting facilities, contribute to make the US Virgin Islands a very attractive destination for technology and knowledge-based firms. The RTPark is also instituting a targeted and highly intelligent business development program designed for future growth and dynamism. This effort has identified under explored sectors in areas where needs are plentiful and potential for disruption is great. Investment projects that are focused on quality are screened for their likelihood of fit with the US Virgin Islands. Targeted clusters and sectors include:

  • Health and medicine, including medicinal devices, personalized medicine applications, wellness and healthcare management
  • Energy research and systems, including renewable and clean technology, energy efficiency, energy management
  • Sustainability solutions particularly those drawing on advances in marine science

The RTPark is keen to attract knowledge-based investors in these clusters and to expand its client base in growing segments of telecommunications and information technology, including Internet advertising, software development, e-commerce and data management.  

The RTPark currently has thirty (30) client companies engaged in varying activities from infrastructure, proprietary software and systems, to high-speed broadband communications and e-commerce. It is estimated that thirty-five (35) client companies would be in the program by the end of calendar year 2015. RTPark clients are required to make legally binding commitments to UVI. The existing clients have supported UVI in a number of ways including: student engagement (internships, fellowships and volunteering), student scholarships, faculty engagement, joint research projects or curriculum advice, special projects, advice and operational assistance to UVI, gifts and endorsements, distinguished lectures, knowledge exchanges and employment programs for the US Virgin Islands and UVI graduates. The RTPark management and staff will be placing considerably emphasis on assisting clients and UVI to execute against these commitments.

The RTPark program’s focus is on integrating long-term impacts that are beneficial to society, in line with global trends that have seen an increase in impact investment - private sector investment that is equally concerned with optimizing private and social returns. Targeting and attracting impact investors to the US Virgin Islands is a key strategy for the RTPark.

[1] The term is defined in VIC Title 17, Chapter 34, Section 482, and includes research businesses, information technology businesses, e-commerce businesses, electronic hosting facilities, agricultural research, and electronics businesses and other know ledge-based businesses.