Are You Interested In
Participating in Your Student Government Association (SGA)?

We the students of the University of the Virgin Islands, in order to recognize ourselves on a fully democratic basis and to promote the general welfare of the student body, do hereby establish the Student Government Association of the University of the Virgin Islands, referred to as SGA. The branches of the government shall be the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch.


Executive Body: The members of the executive body shall be the elected officers: President, Vice President, and the Treasurer.

Executive Cabinet: This shall be the executive body and the chairpersons of the SGA Standing Committees.


The Legislative Branch shall be the Student Council. All legislative powers of the SGA shall be vested in this body. The composition of the Student Council shall be elected representatives from the Freshman class, the Sophomore class, the Junior class, and the Senior class. The formula for determining the Student Council representation shall be two per class as long as the enrollment does not exceed 300; then at which time it shall become three per class. Members of Student Council are referred to as Senators.

For more information, view or our online SGA Handbook or contact: Hedda Finch-Simpson, Student Activities Supervisor at (340) 692-4228 or