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Department of Biological Sciences

Biology Programs

Welcome to the Biology Program at the University of the Virgin Islands! We are proud to offer a flexible and rigorous program of study in the biological sciences on the beautiful Caribbean islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix. 

The biology and marine biology program is committed to helping students excel academically and achieve productive careers through programs in academics, research and community service. The program provides BS and BA degrees in Biology and Marine Biology. Our degree offerings are augmented by opportunities to participate in internships as well as research at both the local and national level. The faculty is dedicated to preparing our students for successful, productive postgraduate and professional careers. They are also committed to lifelong learning and scientific research, academic and pedagogical advancement, and outreach to the local community.


Program Goals
  1. All students will apply scientific approaches to problem solving.
  2. Students will communicate biological information appropriate to their field of study in written and oral form.
  3. Students will be able to understand and analyze modern biological research within their field of study.

Planned Course Offerings
Course Fall Even Spring Odd Fall Odd Spring Even Summer
BIO 141 Gen Bio I X X X X
BIO 142 Gen Bio II X X X
BIO 245 Genetics X   X  
BIO 295 Responsible Conduct X X X X
BIO 339 Vert Structure X      
BIO 349 Aq Plants X      
BIO 360 Cell/Molec X   X  
BIO/MBI 365 Jr Sem X X  X  X (X)
BIO/MBI 497 Sr Sem X   X  
MBI 220 Marine Invert X      
MSC 111 Diving I X X X X
BIO 210 Research Methods   X   X
BIO 223 Ecology   X   X
ENV 200 Env Sci  
ENV 365 Topics in Env Sci X
BIO 342 An Phys   X   X
BIO 350 Terrestrial Plant   X    
BIO 355 Micro   X    
BIO 361 Bioinformatics     X 
BIO/MBI 498 Sr Sem   X   X
MBI 424 Marine Eco   X    
MSC 211 Diving II   X   X
BIO 370 Evolution     X  
MBI 430 Coral Reef     X  
BIO/MBI 465/466     X X
BIO/MBI 495/496 Selected Topics X X X X X
SCI 305 Health & Disease   X
MBI 222 Ich     X  
BIO 352 Plant Phys       X
MSC 239 Oceanog       X