College of Science and Mathematics
Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Associate of Science in Physics

Program Description

The associate of science program in physics is intended to develop an acute awareness of our physical environment on a conceptual level through rigorous mathematical manipulation of the fundamental laws of physics and through utilization of the techniques of the modern physical scientist. It is also designed to serve as an intermediate step towards acquiring the baccalaureate degree in engineering, physics, or similar science. Depending upon previous educational background, this associate degree can be completed in two to three years.

Entry level courses can be completed on either campus, but degree must be completed on St. Thomas campus.


Planned Course Offering Schedule

Fall Spring Summer
PHY 241 X
PHY 242 X
PHY 211
PHY 212
PHY 341 X
PHY 351 X
PHY 311 X
PHY 321 X
PHY 495 X X

Note that PHY 341 (Modern Physics) and PHY 351 (Modern Physics Lab) are offered every other semester, while PHY 311 (Classical Mechanics I) and PHY 321 (Electromagnetism) are offered alternately between offerings of PHY 341/351. PHY 312 (Classical Mechanics II) is offered upon request. All upper division course schedules are subject to change based upon student demand.

For More Information Contact

Title Name
Dean Sandra Romano, PhD
Department Chair Stanley Latesky, PhD
Program Coordinator David Smith, PhD
Administrative Assistant Paulette Stevens