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Certified Candidates

The AMLFC Institute Board of Regents conferred certificates to qualifying candidates who participated in the University of the Virgin Islands Anti-Money Laundering, Countering the Financing of Terrorism & Financial Crimes Prevention certification program. Candidates earning a score of 70% or above on the final examination received certification valid for two years from the day the certificate was issued.  Instructors, however, must earn a score of 80% or above on the final examination, which qualifies him or her to teach the respective certification program at the University of the Virgin Islands.

AMLFC Certified Instructor:

  1. William Curtis (January 2018-January 2020)

AMLFC Certified Candidates:

  1. William Curtis (January 2018-January 2020)
  2. Paul Flemming (January 2018-January 2020)
  3. Neline Thomas (September 2018-September 2020)
  4. Jacquette Maynard (October 2018-October 2020)
  5. Angela Herbert (October 2020-October 2022)
  6. Avril Mayers (October 2020-October 2022)
  7. Barbara McIntosh (October 2020-October 2022)
  8. Darren Hodge (October 2020-October 2022)
  9. Harris Lee (October 2020-October 2022)
  10. Lerna Sewer (October 2020-October 2022)
  11. Lisa Querrard (October 2020-October 2022)
  12. Mark Spencer (October 2020-October 2022)
  13. Melissa Rogers (October 2020-October 2022)
  14. Tracy Francis-Oliver (October 2020-October 2022)
  15. Barbara Guishard (November 2020-November 2022)
  16. Kendell Mills (November 2020-November 2022)
  17. Kimika Woods (November 2020-November 2022)