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Would you like to become a certified PULSE Professional?

Below are just a few benefits of becoming a certified PULSE Professional.  Contact us today to learn more! 

  1. A PULSE Professional has the confidence and competence to calm a room by entering it.
  2. A PULSE Professional  knows how and when to intervene in a conversation for maximum effect.
  3. A PULSE Professional offers more than a mediator or a coach.
  4. A PULSE Professional can get you into or out of conflict in a way that honors everyone and creates sustainable results.
  5. A PULSE Professional sees the world through nine lenses and can translate those perspectives for others.
  6. A PULSE Professional creates an atmosphere of freedom and comfort in conversation.
  7. A PULSE Professional understands the essential elements of quality communication.
  8. A PULSE Professional acts like a sociologist, studying the space between people - not the space between their ears.

 If you would like more information, please submit a request by email to wendy.coram@live.uvi.edu .