Global Institute for Leadership and Management Development - BUS 400/ BUS 540 Summer Course: This is an intensive two weeks (55 hours) course designed to equip participants with vital knowledge and functional skills necessary for leadership and management roles in local and global business environments that are being shaped by global forces of technology, commerce, and communication. The course covers the following areas pertaining to Global Leadership and Management Development:

  1. The Nature of Global Leadership and Management
  2. Leadership and Management Decision Making
  3. Strategic Management Planning Process
  4. Marketing Management and Customer Satisfaction
  5. Organizational Structure and Design
  6. Human Resource Planning and Career Development
  7. Leadership Theories (including Situational Leadership and Contingency theories)
  8. Communication and Culture
  9. Financial Management and Planning
  10. Motivation Theories and Techniques
  11. Theories and Techniques for Managing Organizational Change

 TEACHING AND LEARNING METHODS:  Teaching and learning methods will include lectures, tutorials/workshops, case studies, conference and seminar discussions, videos, group activities, visits to industries, and using guest speakers from business and non-business organizations. Participants will have an opportunity to attend an International Conference on Leadership and Management Development at the beginning of the course.