A delegation of sixteen members of UVI students, staff and faculty participated in the 2015 US-China Student Summit. The 100,000 Strong Foundation and WorldStrides organization hosted the 2015 US-China Student Summit. Both organizations share a mission of encouraging American students to study abroad and in China. Today’s students are the global leaders of tomorrow. Bridging the gap between cultures, strengthening US-China relations, and enhancing global stability to create a tomorrow we all desire.

Highlights from the US-China Summit 2015:

  • 12 days of official business and school visits, cultural activities, and sightseeing in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • Spent two days at the renowned Fudan University in Shanghai, China.
  • Participated in activities that promoted cross-cultural understanding and gave students a truly unique and in-depth understanding of Chinese counterparts.
  • Heard from high-level speakers from government, business, and academia, including:
    • Yao Ming, basketball superstar and philanthropist
    • Hanscom Smith, Consul General, United States Consulate in Shanghai
    • Kaiser Kuo, rock musician and Director of International Communications at Baidu

Check out our photo gallery below: