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STT = St. Thomas Campus,
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

STX = Albert A. Sheen Campus,
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

STJ = St. John Academic Center,
St. John, US Virgin Islands

Faculty & Staff

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NameTitle & DepartmentEmail & Phone Number

Alexander, Fiola CAdministrative Specialist I
STX: 340-692-4041
Almodovar, Victor MAgricultural Aide III
STX: 340-692-4020
Andrews, DonnaAdministrative Specialist I
STT: 340-693-1199
Austrie, MichaelExtension Assistant IV
STT: 340-692-4064
Bailey, DonaldResearch Specialist III
STX: 340-692-4038
Barry, FranciscaAssociate Registrar
STX: 340-692-4103
Belardo-DeCosta, Maritza I. - R.N.Director of the Student Health Center
STX: 340-692-4214
Benjamin, JeniferOffice Assistant
STX: 340-692-4022
Boateng, KofiAssociate Director of CES
STX: 340-692-4066
Bryan-Lacatena, Elisa FInternet Communications Specialist
STT: 340-693-1039
Byrne, Ian F.Boats and Facilities Manager
STT: 340-693-1379
Carino, Jr., LuisAgricultural Aide III
STX: 340-692-4020
Chanes, Christina MProgram Assistant II - 4-H/FCS
STT: 340-693-1072
Chesterfield, LornaAdministrator I
STT: 340-693-1061
Clavier, MarthiousAssistant Director of Communications and Technology and Distance Learning
STT: 340-692-4090
Cooper, Dara M - B.A.Extension Agent I
STT: 340-693-1081
Crossman, StaffordAssistant Director - ANR Programs for Cooperative Extension Station
STX: 340-692-4071
Dahl-Smith, SarahExtension Agent II
STT: 340-692-4084
STT: 340-692-4085
Davis, OlaseeExtension Specialist II
STT: 340-692-4053
Drayton, Nicolas CProject Assistant Director
STT: 340-693-1239
STX: 340-692-4003
Dreves, Amy J - Ph.D.Extension Services Specialist III - Pest Management
STX: 340-692-4052
Elcock-Bedford, Marsha L.Administrative Specialist II
STX: 340-692-4020
Ennis, Rosmin SResearch Analyst I
STT: 340-693-1661
Ewer, Jessica LResearch Analyst II - Horticulture
STX: 340-692-4063
Finch-Simpson, Hedda TDirector of Student Activities/Life
STX: 340-692-4228
Finch-Simpson, Hedda TInterim Dean of Students
STX: 340-692-4228
Forbes, Jr., Howard A.Extension Specialist II
STT: 340-693-1672
Francis, Kula - Ph.D.Associate Professor of Political Science
STX: 340-692-4065
Friday, MariaStudent Housing Supervisor I
STT: 340-692-4194
George, AlbionExtension Assistant IV
STT: 340-693-1077
Godfrey, Robert W - Ph.D.Director of AES
STX: 340-692-4042
Gonsalves, Genae' DAdministrative Assistant
STT: 340-693-1380
Gonzales, Donna PResearch Assistant I - Marketing
STX: 340-693-4020
Gonzalez, Angel LTrades Leader
STX: 340-692-4050
Gonzalez, William AResearch Assistant I
STX: 340-692-4020
Harrigan, Kelly N.VI-EPSCoR Assistant Director
STT: 340-693-1215
Harris, HenryResearch Assistant III
STX: 340-692-4020
Henry, ChristeneAdministrative Specialist I
STX: 340-692-4069
Herbert, Ronda V. - RN, BSN, MSPH, Ph.D.Director of Health Services
STT: 340-693-1124
Herrera, Jose AAgricultural Aide III
STX: 340-692-4020
Hurak, Michael AResearch Analyst II
STX: 340-692-4034
Isaac, Caira AAdministrative Assistant III
STX: (340) 778-1620 EXT. 4505
Jeremiah, Evannie E.Administrative Assistant II
STX: 340-692-4094
Johnson, Caryl L - Ed.D.Extension Program Supervisor
STT: 340-693-1082
Joseph, Justina E.Security Officer III (Security Shift Leader)
STT: 340-692-4444
Josiah, Jo-anExtension Assistant
STT: 340-692-4083
Kadison, ElizabethResearch Analyst I
STT: 340-776-9200 ext 2383
Lacatena, Elisa FInternet Communications Specialist
STT: 340-693-1039
Lakos, Sue A.Research Analyst II
STX: 340-692-4032
Macedon, RandallExtension Agent I
STT: 340-692-4079
Maddirala, James S. - Ph.D.Associate Provost for Graduate, Global and Academic Affairs
STT: 340-693-1013
Margolis, Liza JEducation Outreach Program Coordinator
STT: 340-693-
McKayle, Camille A - Ph.D. Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
STT: 340-693-1200
STX: 340-692-4022
McKenzie, SophiaMMES Coordinator
STT: 340-693-1688
Mills, Frank - Ph.D.Interim Vice Provost
STT: 340-693-1027
STT: 340-693-1067
Moolenaar, Keyra MAdministrative Specialist I
STX: 340-692-4000
Morgan, Michael JResearch Specialist II
STX: 340-692-4078
Morton, Dale EExtension Agent III
STT: 340-693-1086
Munro, John - M.S.Associate Professor of CIS
STX: 340-692-4111
Myers, MaryProgram Specialist II
STT: 340-693-1088
Nelthropp, Henry CResearch Analyst I
STX: 340-692-4020
Nemeth, Richard - Ph.D.Research Professor of Zoology/Marine Biology
STT: 340-693-1393
Nick, Sydney KWatershed and Marine Specialist
STT: 340-693-
Otto, Tracelyn CAdministrative Assistant I
STT: 340-693-1577
Penn, Orpha C.Administrative Specialist I
STT: 340-693-1080
Petersen, Jr., Louis E. - Ph.D.District Supervisor-STT/STJ Assistant Director
STT: 340-693-1083
Pole, HenvilleExecutive Assistant to the Provost/Budget Director
STT: 340-693-1207
Polydore-Simon, CarolineMarketing Manager
STT: 340-693-1109
Prentice, Kaisa LProject Manager
STT: 340-693-1428
Prosterman, StephenDiving & Marine Field Officer
STT: 340-693-1399
Ramos, WilbertoAthletics Director/Manager of the Sports & Fitness Center
STT: 340-693-1102
Rivers, Verna JDean of Students
STT: 340-693-1121
Roach, Migdalia LCommunity Engagement Specialist
STX: 340-693-4500
Romer, Jacqueline C.Administrative Specialist I
STX: 340-692-4020
Sanders, Lois VAssistant Director, 4-H/Family & Consumer Sciences
STX: 340-692-4096
Santiago-Silver, RaquelAdmin. & Fiscal Officer
STT: 340-692-4061
Smart, Raheem EAgricultural Aide II
STX: 340-692-4020
Smith, Charmaine I.Coordinator for Enrollment Services
STX: 340-692-4070
Smith, Tyler B. - Ph.D.Associate Research Professor of Marine Science
STT: 340-693-1394
Stalliard, AyophaProgram Specialist III
STT: 340-693-1106
Taylor, Marcia GExtension Specialist III - Marine Advisory
STX: 340-692-4046
Thomas, Toni A.Extension Agent III
STT: 340-693-1084
Todman, Barbara ICoordinator for International Admissions
STT: 340-693-1150
Tonge, Leslyn J.Administrative Specialist II
STT: (340) 693-1200
Tonge, Rhonda MResearch Grants Coordinator
STT: 340-693-1397
Towal, Patricia - M.EDDirector Counseling and Career Services
STX: 340-692-4187
Waddell, Kim J - Ph.D.Director of Virgin Islands Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (VIEPSCoR)
STT: 340-693-1628
Weiss, Stuart A - Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor of Agronomy
STX: 340-692-4033
Wheatley, CherieCustomer Service Manager
STT: 340-693-1541
Wilder, Mary JoAssistant Professor of English
STX: 340-692-4109
Williams, Melissa TAdministrative Assistant II
STT: 340-693-1422
Williams, Sharon AAssistant Director of VIUCEDD
STT: 340-693-1188
STX: 340-692-4267
Wilson Grimes, Kristin R - Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor of Watershed Ecology
STT: 340-693-1392
Wright, Vanessa MOceanography Field and Lab Technician
STT: 340-693-1378
Zimmerman, Thomas W - Ph.D.Assistant Director of Agricultural Experiment Station (AES)
STX: 340-692-4074