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The 2011 NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement)

The Office of Institutional Research & Planning announces to the university community, that we are in collaboration with the Indiana University for Postsecondary Research to administer the 2011 NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement).

We administer the NSSE every two years. The purpose of this survey is to collect vital feedback from our students. It gives UVI an assessment of the quality of student interactions with faculty and their peers; how they spend their time, what they gain educationally from classes and other educational activities. These results will assist UVI to assess the quality of our undergraduate programs and learning on our campuses and show us where we need to improve in our undergraduate education at the UVI.

This survey targets freshmen and seniors. Students will receive a customized letter of invitation and survey package from the Provost beginning February 8, 2011. Follow up invitations continue on a pre-set schedule from NSSE to until March 23, 2011.

In appreciation for sharing their experiences, we will enter the names of all students who respond to the survey by April 28, 2011, into a drawing. They could be one of 10 winners to receive a $25 gift card, or one of 2 winners for a digital camera (approximate value $130) or one of 2 winners for an IPOD Nano (approximate value $180). Both campuses will split the prizes equally.

To learn about NSSE, please visit their web site at www.nsse.iub.edu. For questions about the project or interest in using the results, please contact Institutional Research & Planning at irp@uvi.edu or 693-1010.