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Nine UVI Students Receive $750 Business Design Grants

Nine students have successfully completed the second Business Design Grants Program (BDGP) at the University of the Virgin Islands, the first step on the road to victory in the annual 13D Entrepreneurship competition where students compete for $60,000 in cash resources to launch their viable business proposals.  Those who completed the Business Design Grants Program were each awarded a $750 grant.

BDGP students were able to transform their general business concepts into detailed blueprints for actual businesses.  This rigorous process started in October on both UVI campuses.  The program involved interviewing potential customers, researching the competition, detailing the proposed firm’s business model, and testing its viability.

“I am so proud of our students for learning the life-long skill of transforming an idea into a detailed business blueprint,” said Dr. Tim Faley, Sokoloff Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship.  “It is hard work, but these students have mastered the art.”

More information is available in a news release on the UVI website – - and from this direct link.