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Global Leadership & Management Development Certificate Course Scholarship Opportunity Offered

UVI is offering an intensive two-week course in Global Leadership and Management Development. This 55 hour course is worth three-credit points and participants will be awarded a certificate in Global Leadership and Management Development. Participants will also receive a Certificate of Participation for attending the International Conference on Leadership, Management and Strategic Development held at the beginning of the course. This special GILMD course is designed to provide training and education from a multi-discipline perspective to equip future and current leaders anywhere in the world who are passionate about making a difference in this dynamic global environment. 

Students and employees in any area of the following disciplines will benefit from the course – business, education, engineering, liberal arts, social sciences, nursing, science, mathematics, psychology, tourism and hospitality, social work, public administration, communication, information technology, agribusiness, etc.  The course is currently listed in the University of the Virgin Islands website as BUS 400 for undergraduates and BUS 540 for graduate students.

To apply, visit for the application form and course poster to learn more. Applications should be submitted on or before April 27.  (Applicants can receive a fee reduction scholarship of about $500-$750 depending on individual circumstances, Grade Point Average). Apply now to be considered for a fee reduction scholarship.  Participants may also qualify for UVI Financial aid on UVI’s Tuition Remission to study the two-week Global Leadership and Management Development Certificate Course this summer at the University’s St. Thomas Campus from May 23–June 6, 2017.

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