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UVI Cybersecurity Workshop Prepares Students to Become Cyber Defenders

For two weeks, future computer science professionals learned the skills they will need to be on the frontlines of cyber-based attacks. In a world where technology is quickly advancing before our very eyes, the risk of facing cyberattacks has drastically increased. Acknowledging this growing issue, the Computer Science Department at the University of the Virgin Islands, held a cybersecurity workshop, offered by guest lecturer Dr. Michel Kinsy of Boston University.   In this workshop, students learned the intrinsic features of computer systems and the techniques that attackers use to send out cyberattacks to businesses or major corporations. As well as the defenses and practices, that can help to prevent cyberattacks from occurring. This workshop covered topics such as: return programming and vulnerabilities, assembly code and how to embed malware into the assembly, and binary analysis.  

Real-world examples such as the Virgin Islands Police Department being faced with a ransomware cyberattack was brought into the discussion. Cyber attackers have blocked access to police files unless a ransom is paid.   In addition to, Dr. Kinsy made mention of national cyberattacks and stated that 10 to 15 years from now, “physical wars may be viewed as barbaric and 95 percent of attacks will be cyber-related were rather than physically attacking another country or entity, you cripple their cyber infrastructure.”  Being that cybersecurity is, interdisciplinary; Dr. Kinsy stressed to students the importance of math courses such as number theory, discrete mathematics, and linear algebra. As well as how early exposure to cybersecurity “can help to highlight the core classes that form the fundamentals of cybersecurity.” 

More information is available in a news release on the Media Section of the UVI website - and from this direct link.