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UVI Launches Data Science Certificate Program for Professionals in Fall 2021   

The University of the Virgin Islands and its partners are pleased to announce that the university will offer a Data Science Certificate Program, beginning in the Fall 2021 Semester. The program is designed to help professionals advance their careers by leveraging applied data science.  

The 13-credit certificate program comes on the heels of the recently added Data Science Minor, but the requirements for both programs differ slightly. Students pursuing the DS certificate do not have to be enrolled in a degree program at UVI and do not need prior college experience to register. 

The program is tailored to benefit participants from varying backgrounds including government employees seeking to support their departments with data analytics, job seekers who want to make themselves more marketable, individuals in the private sector who want to learn how to make data-driven decisions, and students exploring career options. 

Registration for the program will open in the fall, but interested students can register now to start taking both core and prerequisite courses during the 2021 Summer Semester. To register, students new to UVI must fill out a registration form and submit to the UVI Office of the Registrar.  

More information is available in a news release on the Media Section of the UVI - and from this direct link