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WUVI Students to Host Black History Month/ HBCU Special Program on Feb. 24

UVI students interested in attending an interactive learning activity with faculty and alumni are invited to attend the WUVI student Black History Month (BHM)/HBCU Special Program from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 24, via Zoom. Interested participants can also watch along and comment on WUVI Radio’s Facebook Live video.

Theme “At an HBCU, Black History Month is 365,” the activity will provide viewers and participants with information about historic figures and their contributions, a different way to educate about Black History Month, what they learned about the significance of HBCUs, and the uniqueness of UVI as an HBCU. Students will also have an opportunity to hear from and speak with WUVI alumni about their experiences from the past.

The activity will be recorded and shared on YouTube thereafter as part of the students’ monthly assignments to practice producing live content by developing audio and using other multimedia to produce topics in an engaging manner that is relevant to their peers and general community audience.

For more information contact Dara M. Cooper at (340) 693-1081 or email at