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2022 UVI Fall Student Research Symposium Winners

The Emerging Caribbean Scientists (ECS) Program and the College of Science and Mathematics would like to thank everyone that participated in the 2022 UVI Fall Student Research Symposium. ECS takes this opportunity to announce the student winners who will receive certificates of recognition at the Spring Academic Awards Ceremony.

See the names listed below.

Oral Presenters:

    First Place – Destinee Turnbull, Mentor: Dr. Herbert Quintero-Fonseca, UVI

    Second Place – Miranda Goad, Mentors: Dr. Stephen Ratchford and Dr. Paul Jobsis, UVI

    Third Place – Allana Jackson, Mentor: Dr. Bernard Castillo III, UVI

Poster Presenters:

    First Place – Alexanne Carr, Mentors: Dr. Dustin Haskell and Dr. Michael Hart, UVI and UPenn 

    First Place – Ashley Challenger, Mentors: Dr. Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, UVI and MSU

    First Place – Teh’Rhon Rabsatt, Mentor: Dr. Noreen Michael, UVI, VI DOH

    Second Place – Azriel Williams, Mentors: Dr. Noreen Michael, Janis Valmond DrPH, Camille Paul MPH, UVI, VI    DOH

    Third Place – Makayla Peterson, Mentors: Dr. Sean Kelly, Jahnyah Brooks and Nicole Angeli, UVI SEAS

    Third Place – Tara Thompson, Mentors: Dr. Kristin Wilson Grimes & Allie Durdall, UVI SEAS

Congratulations to the Winners!

The Emerging Caribbean Scientists (ECS) Program would also like to share with everyone the photos from the 2022 Fall Research Symposium.

To access the gallery click here. The gallery password is FRS22.

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