Virgin Islands Water Quality Education Program

The Virgin Islands Water Quality Education Program (VIWQEP) is funded through the Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) at the University of the Virgin Islands. Benefiting students in grades 7-12, this program focuses, on providing education and training to Virgin Islands students that improves their understanding of:

  • The importance of clean, safe drinking water 
  • How is water quality tested and what parameters are tested for
  • How unclean water can be purified/filtered

Educator Kits
(Educator classroom kits used to facilitate each lesson of the program)

An extension of this program was launched in 2019 called the Water Heroes Program which specifically targets students in grades 3-6. Using best practices in STEM engagement, lesson plans and worksheets were created/modified from existing curricula; click on any of the buttons below to download the lesson plans/worksheets. 

Understanding Water Quality 

Lesson plan 1  Lesson Plan  Lesson 1 Video Tutorial

Understanding Water Filtration  

Lesson 2  Lesson 2  Lesson 2 Video tutorial


Both programs have leveraged resources to create At Home Water Testing Kits which have enabled the continuation of the program despite the COVID-19 global pandemic. The creation of additional kits were supported through external funding received from the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands
These kits focus on the testing of water quality at home, specifically pH and the presence or absence of coliform bacteria. Participants who receive one of these kits are encouraged to record their data online by clicking the "Data Entry Form" button below. For a visual demonstration on conducting using the At Home Water Testing Kits, click the "Tutorial Video" button below; the transcription for this video can be accessed by clicking "HERE"

Data Entry Form  Tutorial Video

At Home Water Testing Kits  
(Click the above image to read the St. Thomas Source's news article covering the At Home Water Testing Kits.) 


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