Information for Students

Campus Day Students


Given the new online only format, we are making significant changes to our residential experiences to encourage “social distancing.” As a result, students should remain at home and off-campus following the end of Spring Break.

All students residing in UVI residential facilities must collect their belongings and move out of their spaces between Friday, March 13 and by Saturday, March 21 by 4:30p.m. All residential facilities will remain closed for the remainder of the academic semester. The University will develop a thoughtful plan to prorate housing and meal allowances.

Residential students who are already off-island and not planning to travel back to retrieve their personal belongings in the residence halls should follow-up with the Director of Residence Life and Student Housing on the best way to address this matter.

Our Residence Life and Student Affairs teams are readying plans to assist students and families with their departures. Residence Life and Housing Operations will be following-up with residential students with specific instructions. Students who may have exceptional and compelling housing related extenuating circumstances may contact the Director of Residence Life on their respective campus for additional guidance. The University will review requests from students to remain on campus due to communicated extenuating circumstances that may, for example, relate to their inability to return home due to restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic; such exemptions however will be very limited.

Students can expect to hear from their faculty about plans for the continuation of their classes.

Faculty should expect to hear from the Academic Deans’ offices about their school or college plans for transitioning to online learning and other alternative learning options.

The University is developing contingency plans for students and faculty who might need technical assistance and support during and through the transition to remote learning.

Students, please know that our academic leaders are working tirelessly to make any accommodation necessary to ensure that your academic progress is not slowed by this decision. If you are on track to graduate this semester, you will stay on track to graduate.