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St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

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Turner, Teresa

Turner, Teresa




Marine Science Center


Research interests and specialties are marine ecology, minority representation in science, coral reef biology, student development, and general education.

Area: Marine Ecology

Abstract of Research: I have two broad interests (1) sharing my enthusiasm for science with students, especially underrepresented minority students and women students and working to enhance student success, (2) conducting research to understand the processes of community organization and recovery from disturbance. I am the Director of two National Institutes of Health grants for minority student training, MARC and MBRS-RISE. I have worked in rocky intertidal areas, in Caribbean sea grass meadows, and coral reefs. I have studied ecological succession, the effects of artificial reefs, recovery from hurricanes, and feeding of coral reef and seagrass herbivores. Currently a UVI student is working with me studying the behavior of a sacoglossan gastropod, Tridachia crispata (italicize the name), a coral reef herbivore that may be a model system for neurophysiological research. I have taught: ecology, marine ecology, aquatic botany, coral reef biology, evolution, invertebrate zoology, and Caribbean: The Natural World.


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