STT = St. Thomas Campus,
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

STX = Albert A. Sheen Campus,
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

STJ = St. John Academic Center,
St. John, US Virgin Islands

School of Business

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NameTitle & DepartmentEmail & Phone Number

Adams, Elmo A - JDVisiting Instructor of Business Law
STT: 340-693-1316
Blyden, Deanna PAdministrative Assistant III
STT: 340-693-1679
STT: 340-693-1300
Campbell, Joyce Ann - Ph.D.Visiting Instructor of Finance
STT: 340-693-1300
Depusoir, FranciscoAssociate Professor of Accounting
STT: 340-692-4113
Faley, Timothy L. - Ph.DDistinguished Professor/Special Assistant to President
STT: 340-693-1310
Flemming, Barbara E - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Management
STX: 340-692-4128
Flemming, Paul - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Business Management
STX: 340-692-4075
Harris, Kendra L. - Ph.D.Dean of School of Business
STX: 340-692-4151
STT: 340-693-1301
Hudspeth, LonnieAssociate Professor of Business
STT: 340-693-1315
Kisuule, Benon - Ph.D.Associate Professor of Business
STX: 340-692-4114
Lang, Tamara ADirector of Hotel & Tourism Management
STT: 340-693-1314
Lombardi, Thomas - D.P.S.Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
STT: 340-693-1316
MacKenzie, Lydia - Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Marketing
STT: 340-693-1318
McLaurin, Tiffany Joyce - Ph.DOnline Program Part-Time Faculty
STT: 340-693-1314
Metts, Glenn A - PhD, MBA, CPAProfessor of Management and Entrepreneurship
STT: 340-693-1303
Samuel, Vincent JAssociate Professor of Business and Administration
STT: 340-693-1441
Smith, Renel - DPSAssistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
STT: 340-693-1523
Vineyard, Michael - Ph.D.Professor of Decision Science
STT: 340-693-1312
Washington, Aubrey DAssociate Professor of Accounting
STX: 340-692-4154