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UVI Announces Winners for 21st Afternoon on the Green

The University of the Virgin Islands announces the winners of the food competition of the 21st Annual Afternoon on the Green held on March 7, in the St. Thomas campus' Sports and Fitness Center.

"Many thanks to all the cooks, volunteers, and patrons for their support of the 21st staging of Afternoon on the Green," said Chairperson Jacqueline Sprauve. "The University and the committee appreciate very much that the public has demonstrated that it will support the event, whether rain or shine."

In the first-ever Grill Off competition, Chef Romeo won in the ribs category and Glen Kwabena Davis won in the chicken category.

Lyra Harrigan, a long-time Afternoon on the Green supporter, won two first-place prizes - one for her chicken and rice in the Main Dishes/Meats/Poultry category and the other for her sweet potato pudding in the Pastries and Sweets category. In a coincidental win, three of Peggy Smith's drinks tied for first place in the Native Drinks category - coconut delight, ginger beer, and fruit punch.

This year Arthur Raymo III marked his fifth consecutive first-place win in the Seafood category with his "Brigo's Firehouse Salmon." Edna Pole again won first place in the Soups category with "Ed's Goat Water." Long-time Afternoon on the Green contributors Erica Donovan and Angelica Smith won second place and third place, respectively, for their red peas soup in the Soups category. Patrons who purchased $10 worth of tickets were given a judging slip and allowed to judge the food.

Afternoon on the Green 2010 Winners

Pastries and Sweets

1st Prize - Sweet Potato Pudding, Lyra Harrigan

2nd Prize - Lean Lena Leanest Cheesecake, Lena Steele Williams

3rd Prize - Vienna Cake, Sonia Castro

Main Dishes/Meats/Poultry

1st Prize - Chicken and Rice, Lyra Harrigan

2nd Prize - Eggplant Parmesan, Shirley Lake-King

3rd Prize - Smoke Turkey Neck Souse, Loanna Cameron

Honorary Mention - Anson's Chicken and Rice, Anson Larcheveaux

Side Dishes

1st Prize - Spanish Rice, Daley Perez-Thomas

2nd Prize - Filipino Egg Rolls, Dr. and Mrs. Dion Phillips

3rd Prize - Ingrid's Sought-after Pumpkin Fritters, Inez Bartlette


1st Prize - Lois' Curried Vegetables, Lois Rivera

2nd Prize - Veggie Lasagna, Jewel Chesterfield

3rd Prize - Italian Lasagna, Alex Randall

Honorary Mention - Vegetarian Lasagna, Nagee Vegetarian and Ital Catering


1st Prize - Brigo's Firehouse Salmon, Arthur Raymo III

2nd Prize - Whelks and Rice, Sonia Lake-Edwards

3rd Prize - Fried Tilapia, Shirley Lake-King


1st Prize - Ed's Goad Water, Edna Pole

2nd Prize - Red Peas Soup, Erica Donovan

3rd Prize - Red Peas Soup, Angelica Smith


1st Prize - Pumpkin Spice Bread, Vivian St. Juste

2nd Prize - Coconut Dumb Bread, Carmen Y. Williams

Native Drinks

1st Prize - Tie: Coconut Delight/Ginger Beer/ Fruit Punch, Peggy Smith

2nd Prize - Tie:

Hibiscus Drink, Germaine Baird

Smoothies, Tinekqua Christian

3rd Prize - Sorrel, Elridge Thomas

Grill Off

Ribs - Chef Romeo

Chicken - Glen Kwabena Davis