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UVI Launches Official Page on Facebook Social Networking Site

The University of the Virgin Islands has launched an official page on the extremely popular Facebook social networking website. The page is available at It was introduced to members of the University community on March 31.

The University will use this page to share information about UVI events and activities. The University invites everyone with a Facebook account to visit the page and select the "Like" button. That will allow Facebook users to recommend news items, photos or videos they find interesting to family and friends.

Facebook boasts more than 500 million users worldwide, with increasing numbers of universities, organizations and businesses joining in their ongoing efforts to communicate with stakeholders.

UVI Public Relations Director Patrice Johnson said "The University's official Facebook presence gives the UVI family a location in which to connect. It's a networking tool that complements the University's image by providing timely, factual information and links that visitors to the page can use and share."

UVI's page already includes select photos and the four videos created for the recent "Why UVI?" awareness campaign that aired on local TV. The campaign featured students Danelle Baptiste and Christopher Loeffler, and alumni Dale Morton and Jennifer Nugent-Hill. Morton is a current UVI employee and Nugent-Hill serves on the UVI Board of Trustees. An associated "Welcome!" page provides a brief overview of UVI and links to the main UVI website and its major sections. Links are also provided to UVI's various cultural resources, centers, institutes, services and research stations. Also featured is a Google Map link that provides customized views of UVI's campuses on St. Thomas and St. Croix.

UVI also plans to utilize other features of Facebook, such as the "Events" function to promote upcoming events and activities. Among other things, the "Events" function allows viewers to send RSVPs for specific events to University organizers. The UVI Facebook page will be frequently updated and will display links to the UVI Today... photo blog when photos are added.