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UVI and WAPA to Host CARILEC's Regional Renewable Energy Forum

>The University of the Virgin Islands Caribbean Green Technology Center and the VI Water and Power Authority will host a Renewable Energy Forum on Sept. 20-21, at St. Thomas' Sugar Bay Resort. The conference is part of the Caribbean Electricity Utility Services Corporation's (CARILEC) annual series of conferences. CARILEC is comprised of regional electric utility companies, independent power producers, manufactures and suppliers.

This first-time event for UVI's Caribbean Green Technology Center is designed as a call to action for decision makers across the region. Its goals are to develop energy policies, to formulate a roadmap designed to improve the energy sector and to reduce vulnerability to external factors. It also aims to explore the future of renewable and alternative energy to meet the regions' future needs and achieve sustainable development.

The Renewable Energy Forum is expected to attract leaders from electric utilities, governments, financial institutions, international organizations and academia, along with energy researchers, leaders, planners and experts from government and private sectors.

The theme for the forum is "Caribbean Integration: An Electric Utility Energy Diversification Strategy in a Challenging Global Environment." Topics will include: integrating renewable energy resources into the electricity grid, research and development, power purchase agreements, resource assessment and project development, driving renewable energy development through policy and regulation, climate change and resource integration.

"This is precisely the type of conference this region needs," said Dr. Wayne Archibald, director of UVI's Caribbean Green Technology Center. "As costs for traditional energy rises to record levels, the best minds of the Caribbean will have to sort out a tangible pathway toward renewable energy. The time is now," Dr. Archibald said. "We at the Caribbean Green Technology Center are certainly ready for the challenge."

Heru Ofori-Atta, special advisor to UVI's Caribbean Green Technology Center, said that addressing the implementation of renewable energy is the paramount political, economic and social issue of the day. "There is no single topic more important than energy. Indeed, the cost of energy and the type of energy a society use, will be the harbingers of a strong or weak economy," he said. "I am proud to be associated with this conference as a positive step toward a region-wide energy solution."

To register for the Renewable Energy Forum visit the website For more information call 340-693-1158 or 954-593-4998 or send e-mail to

The mission of The Caribbean Green Technology Center is to coordinate and synthesize the efforts of diverse, talented and willing people towards the goal of creating a "greener" Caribbean.