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UVI Production of 'Old Story Time' Changes Venue to Reichhold Center for the Arts

The venue for the UVI Theatre mainstage production of "Old Story Time," by Trevor D. Rhone, has been switched from Yacht Haven Grande to the Reichhold Center for the Arts and the opening date has changed from Friday April 8 to Thursday, April 14, 2011.

"Lighting is very important to what we want to do with this production," said David Edgecombe, the play's director. "And the portable lighting kit I was able to get from the Reichhold is not able to deliver as well as I hoped. I was talking to Pam (Toussaint) and Denise (Humphrey) who said, 'why not just bring the play to the Reichhold'? That makes all the sense in the world, so that's what we're doing." Toussaint and Humphrey are co-directors of the Reichhold Center.

Edgecombe, who recently rejoined the UVI faculty as Assistant Professor of Communication, said that for both he and Dr. Douglas Larche, taking theater into the community is a priority. So it is very likely that another play will be staged at Yacht Haven Grande soon and at other venues around the Virgin Islands, as well.

Dr. Larche is a Professor of Communication and playwright-in-resident at UVI.

"Old Story Time" Continues

In "Old Story Time," when Len (Noel Charles) returns from England with his Ph.D. he finds trouble aplenty at home. He has to deal with the bitterness of his mother (Heather Hogarth Smith) because he married Lois (Jamilya Christopher) rather than Margaret (Asheda Maccou) the nice brown-skin girl with the tall hair down to her back that mama had picked out for him.

But he must also confront his true nemesis, George (Joshua Jno-Pierre), who brutally ill-treated him throughout high school with the help of Margaret, now married to George.

George amassed a fortune through crooked housing development schemes as a bank manger. Len soon discovers George has robbed his mama of her life savings. He assembles the evidence to throw George, and perhaps even Margaret, in jail. But he learns quickly he will have to fight his mother before he could carry out his "moral right to rid society" of a scum like George.

And mama's chief weapon of choice is obeah!

Pa Ben (George Silcott, Jr.), the irascible storyteller, works hard to broker peace. He champions love and understanding, letting everyone know: all well, all well.

Carlla Morris as Pearl, rounds out the cast.

For information about the UVI production of "Old Story Time" at the Reichhold Center for the Arts, please contact David Edgecombe at 693-1355.