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2011 Afternoon on the Green Winners Announced

The University of the Virgin Islands announces the winners of the food competition for the 22nd annual Afternoon on the Green, held on March 13, on the St. Thomas campus golf course. Arthur Raymo III's "Brigo's Firehouse Salmon" won the first-time People's Choice competition, where attendees texted their favorite dishes to the Choice Wireless text line. Raymo also claimed a sixth consecutive first-prize win in the Seafood category for the same dish.

Edna Pole won first-prize in the Soups category with "Ed's Goat Water" for the third consecutive year. Long-time contributor Erica Donavan came in second with her red peas soup.

High school student and first-time Afternoon on the Green contributor Brianna Hairston won first-prize in the Pastries and Sweets category for her red velvet cupcakes.

In the Native Drinks category three of Peggy Smith's drinks again tied for first prize - sorrel, ginger beer and fruit punch.

Please see the complete list of winners below

Afternoon on the Green 2011 Winners

People's Choice
Brigo's Firehouse Salmon, Arthur Raymo III

Pastries and Sweets
1st Prize - Red velvet cupcakes, Brianna Hairston
2nd Prize - Fruit pizza, Verna Rivers
3rd Prize - Lean Lena Leanest Cheesecake, Lena Steele Williams

Main Dishes/Meats/Poultry
1st Prize - BBQ chicken, Gloria Carmona
2nd Prize - Pecan loaf, Janice Lake
3rd Prize - Curry chicken, Josephine Humphreys

Side Dishes
1st Prize - Macaroni & cheese, Leida Isaac
2nd Prize - Pumpkin fritters, Terrance Jacobs
3rd Prize - DaShudHolYo cheezy macaroini, DaShudHolYo

1st Prize - tie - Corn casserole, Joan Foy
Green bean casserole, Alrick Elliott

1st Prize - Brigo's Firehouse Salmon, Arthur Raymo III
2nd Prize - Saltfish Fungi Balls, Loanna Cameron
3rd Prize - Seafood gumbo, Sonia Lake-Edwards

1st Prize - Ed's Goat Water, Edna Pole
2nd Prize - Red peas soup, Erica Donovan
3rd Prize - Pumpkin carrot soup w/smoked turkey, Judy Bonelli

1st Prize - The Real Pumpkin Spice Bread, Vivian St. Juste
2nd Prize -

Native Drinks
1st Prize - Tie: Sorrel/ginger beer/fruit punch, Peggy Smith
2nd Prize - Pineapple ginger beer, James Fredericks
3rd Prize - Smoothies, Tinekqua Christian

Grill Off
1st Prize - Julio King and the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity