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UVI Student to Serve as President for a Day; President to Become Student

A University of the Virgin Islands student will switch places with UVI President David Hall in the first ever President for a Day initiative. On Monday, Feb. 18, UVI student Marsha Laurencin and Dr. Hall will get to see the University from different perspectives. Laurencin will swap classes and text books for board meetings and a brief case, while Dr. Hall will give up his corner office and executive assistant for a backpack and science classes.

Hear What the Role Reversal
Was Like; Thursday, Feb. 21 ...

President David Hall and President for a Day Marsha Laurencin will share their role-reversal experiences with the UVI community at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21 in the Neil Weiss Education and Seminar Suite in West Residence Hall.

Everyone is invited to attend.

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As UVI president, Laurencin's day will include meetings with vice presidents, a UVI Board of Trustee member and the Student Government Association. In a meeting of the President's Cabinet, Laurencin will make policy and program proposals, seeking buy-in from the cabinet. Her day's activities will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 6:45 p.m. After that Laurencin will retire to the President's guest house where she will spend the night.

Dr. Hall will fully immerse himself in Laurencin's schedule. His day will begin at 8 a.m. with Organic Chemistry. It will continue with tutoring, study hall, lunch in the Dinning Pavilion and a Directed Independent Research class where he will have to dissect lionfish. Dr. Hall will then make a trip to the Wellness Center to work out, before retiring to the residence hall, where he will spend the night.

"I want to bring a couple of things of interest to the table," Laurencin said. She plans to propose a new course offering at the cabinet meeting, speak with a vice president about fundraising opportunities for UVI, and talk with administrators about building school spirit. "I am definitely excited about it," she said.

"I'd really like to know more about what it's like to be a UVI student," President Hall said. "I hear from students all the time, but this unique program should make each of us aware of the challenges and opportunities that exist in the other person's role. Hopefully, it will increase our understanding and sensitivity going forward."

"We congratulate Ms. Laurencin on being named our first 'UVI President for a Day,'" said Dionne Jackson, vice president for Institutional Advancement and chair of the UVI President for a Day Committee. "Many students applied; the competition generated great buzz and excitement. This initiative is meant to offer a unique professional development exercise while offering our students insight into the realities of running a university. Perhaps we will inspire our students to work towards one day becoming president of UVI."

In order to be considered for the initiative, students had to meet criteria and submit an application package that included an essay. The winner was awarded a $1,000 scholarship. "The committee wishes Ms. Laurencin a successful term," said Jackson. "And we of course send President Hall best wishes for the lionfish dissection."

President Hall and Laurencin will share their role-reversal experiences with the UVI community at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21 in the Neil Weiss Education and Seminar Suite in West Residence Hall.

The next President for a Day initiative will be held on UVI's Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix.