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UVI Board of Trustees to Meet on March 5

UVI entrance on the Saint Thomas Campus

The University of the Virgin Islands Board of Trustees will meet at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 5, in the Administration and Conference Center’s first-floor conference room on the St Thomas Campus.

The meeting will begin with regular session agenda items. UVI President Dr. David Hall will present the President’s Report. He will be followed by Board Chairman Henry Smock with the Chairman’s Comments. The Board will receive an update report from the Research and Technology Park. Then the Board will consider other agenda items.

Items requiring the Board’s action include presentations on proposals to create a Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting Program; Master of Accounting Degree program; Bachelor of Business Administration- Marketing Degree program; Bachelor of Business Administration- Management Degree program and an Executive Master of Business Administration program.

The Development Committee will present to the Board for consideration an updated UVI Naming Policy, UVI Gift Acceptance Policy and the Campaign for UVI Case Statement.

Other items requiring Board action include a Finance and Budget Committee presentation on the Sub-recipient Monitoring Policy; the Contract for Education-Related Services between the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica and UVI; the Tuition Rate Adjustment Effective Fall 2016 and the proposed revised Fiscal Year 2016 Operating Budget.

The Board will also receive a presentation from the Governance Committee for an Amendment to UVI Bylaws.

The Planning Committee will present UVI’s key performance indicators. The Board will also receive a report on UVI’s Alumni Employment Survey.

The Board will go into executive session and will report any actions taken in executive session before being adjourned.

The Board last met in a special session on Dec. 8. A complete list of Board meetings is available on the Board of Trustees page of the UVI website and from this direct link