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Three UVI Students to Benefit from Alpine Securities Scholarships

UVI Vice President of Institutional Advancement Mitchell Neaves, EDA Chairman of the Board Jose Penn, Chief of External Affairs at Alpine Securities Jason Charles, UVI President David Hall and EDA Director of Administration and Finance Ernest Halliday pose for photo at a check presentation held at the EDAs Nisky Center Offices

Three University of the Virgin Islands students majoring in accounting, finance or computer information systems will benefit from a generous donation from Alpine Securities USVI, LLC. A $15,000 check was presented to UVI on Friday, Feb. 9, at the U.S. Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority’s offices in Nisky Center.

Students awarded the scholarship will receive a $5,000 scholarship to aid in pursuit of their respective bachelor’s degrees.

Alpine Securities USVI LLC, which falls under the Economic Development Commission (EDC) program, expressed the need for EDC companies to remain committed to their mission to invest in and improve the Virgin Islands community.

"Alpine Securities USVI, LLC is pleased to partner with the University of the Virgin Islands, especially during these challenging times.  With all that this community has been through over the past four months, it is important that companies in the Economic Development Commission (EDC) program continue to stand by their commitment of reinvestment in our community,” said Jason Charles, chief of external affairs at Alpine Securities.

“Alpine Securities is proud to play a major role developing the people of the Virgin Islands”, said Charles.

“Alpine believes the island's most precious asset is its people,” he said. “On behalf of Alpine Securities USVI, LLC and as a graduate of this University, please accept this contribution as an indication of our unwavering commitment to education and the Territory.”

The U.S. Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority believes that through the Virgin Islands Economic Development Tax Incentive Program (VIEDC) businesses can make a change in the community.

“This contribution to the University of the Virgin Islands by Alpine Securities Group USVI, LLC, is a significant example of how businesses participating in the VIEDC Tax Incentive Program can have a tremendous impact on the lives of individuals in our community, especially on those who seek higher education,” said Wayne L. Biggs, Jr., USVIEDA acting chief executive officer. 

“When the public and private sectors work together the entire territory benefits”, said Biggs.

“This is also a testament to the importance of public and private sector relationships in the U.S. Virgin Islands,” he said.  “Such relationships allow us to work together to help grow a talented workforce and encourage a culture of entrepreneurship in our Territory.”

The University of the Virgin Islands expresses thanks to Alpine Securities for its gracious donation.

 “We cannot express how grateful we are at the University of the Virgin Islands to have the commitment of the business community in a time where our students need us more than ever before. It is through this level of corporate social responsibility that we are able to build a better U.S. Virgin Islands. On behalf of the recipients, the UVI School of Business, and UVI’s faculty and staff we extend profound gratitude to Alpine Securities USVI,” said Dr. Lucy Reuben., interim dean of UVI School of Business.

Information About the Scholarship Here

To qualify for the scholarship students must be enrolled in the UVI School of Business, reside in the St. John/St. Thomas District, earn a 3.0 GPA, pursuing a degree in accounting, finance or computer information systems; and have unmet financial need.

For more information about the scholarship, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at UVI by calling (340) 693-1040.