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UVI Graduation Ceremonies Rescheduled to December 2020

UVI Students beam with joy at the University's Graduation Ceremony.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) announced that graduation ceremonies will be rescheduled from May to December to afford students the experience of a traditional commencement celebration. Ceremonies are scheduled to take place on Thursday, Dec.10, 2020 on St. Thomas, and Friday, Dec. 11, 2020 on St. Croix.  The decision to postpone the events to December, in lieu of other options, was based on feedback from a survey of expected graduates conducted by the University.

“Our graduating students have spoken overwhelmingly in favor of an in-person, traditional commencement ceremony to take place in December,” said UVI President Dr. David Hall, citing survey results. “We are convinced this is the best option under the circumstances to honor these students’ major achievements,” he said.

“While no one can predict what the health conditions in the Virgin Islands will be in December and whatever social distancing policies will continue to exist, we will inform the public of any changes to our normal ceremonies as we draw closer to those dates,” he added.

Dr. Hall assured graduating students they would still receive their diplomas in May via mail.  The University is also exploring ways to appropriately recognize the importance of this milestone.

“Our soon-to-be graduates will have achieved something no other generation or class at UVI has ever achieved.  They have demonstrated resilience, perseverance and dedication in the face of two category five hurricanes, a pandemic, and numerous personal and financial challenges,” said Dr. Hall. “They are primed to lead and change the world, because they have lived through a whirlwind and the winds are now at their backs.”

As the University prepares to congratulate this year’s graduating students, it is also gearing up to welcome new students for summer and fall classes. Enrollment deadlines have been extended to assist students in completing applications.

For more information, visit or call the Public Relations Office at (340) 693-1057.