Current Research Projects

  • Cover crop and green manure evaluation for integrated cover-crop/livestock systems in the tropics
  • Promoting Tropical Cover Crop Mulch Systems for Minimum-Till Crop Production in the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Developing Sustainable Tropical Leguminous Cover Crop and Green Manure Mulch Systems for Low-External-Input crop Production in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Florida
  • Enhancing the Sustainability of Integrated Biofuel Feedstock Production Systems 

Selected Past Projects

  • Crop Diversification Complexity and Pest and Beneficial Organism Communities in Humid Tropical and Sub-Tropical Climatic Regimes
  • Evaluation of Alternative and Conventional Small Ruminant finishing systems for the tropics. 

Program Faculty and Staff

Stuart A. Weiss

Acting Agronomy Program Leader

Jose Hererra

Agricultural Aid III

Nelson Benitez

Agricultural Aid III   

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Termination Of Cover Crops


Conservation Cover Workshop - Hillside Terrace Farm Demonstration 

Discover the Cover! - Soil Health Planning Principles & Cover Crop Management Strategies for the Virgin Islands.

Cover Crop Rotations in Vegetable Production Systems

Roller Crimper Specs. for Fabrication

Agronomy Program Research 2013-2014

Lessons Learned in Conservation Tillage Vegetable Systems in the Sub-Tropics and Tropics

Reduced Tillage Termination of Cover Crop Systems in the Tropics

CFCS 2014 Presentation

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