The Aquaculture Program has a well developed facility of research and demonstration culture systems, laboratory space, greenhouse and workshop.

Aquaponic Systems
6 research-scale
1 commercial-scale
1 home-scale by Nelson-Pade Inc.

Biofloc Systems
6 research-scale
30 m3 tank
external cone-bottom clarifier
9 commercial-scale
1 200 m3 - block wall with HDPE liner.
1 70 m3, - Quick Tank from Reef Industries Inc. Aquaculture with Permalon liner.
7 80 m3 - fiberglass

21 brood fish holding and breeding tanks
3 fry rearing tanks

1 recirculating fingerling nursery system
12 2-m3 rearing tanks
mirco-screen drum filter
fluidized bead filter

1 fish purge system
1 holding tank
mirco-screen drum filter
fluidized bead filter