As parents, there are many ways that you can assist your child in adjusting to college life. This is an excellent time to be supportive but not as directive in your child's life.

  • LISTEN. One of the most important roles of a parent is that of listener and supporter. Be an active listener so that you may understand what your child tells you about his or her feeling or experiences. Do not be quick to give advice; most times, listening is often sufficient.
  • Stay in Touch with Your Child. Inform your child about what may be happening at home. This lets him or her know that they are still a valuable member of the family.
  • Support Independence. As a supporter, you may offer suggestions when appropriate, but allow your child to make the final decision. This conveys to your child that you are confident in their judgment and ability to resolve concerns.
  • Deal Problems Effectively. Avoid including your child in your problems. Students have enough to worry them on their own. Just as you are seeking to have your child take care of his or her self, your child needs to know that you can take care of yourself as well.
  • Know the Warning Signs. Unfortunately, children are not always direct about letting their parents know when they are experiencing difficulties. Some warning signs are but are not limited to: increase in sadness and anxiety, changes in appetite, changes in sleep patterns, alcohol or drug related problems, withdrawals from family and friends, and poor academic performance.

If you notice any of these warning signs do hesitate to contact UVI Counseling Services at:
St. Croix Campus:

Mrs. Patricia Towal
Phone: (340) 692-4187
Ms. Anyha Lord (340) 692-4180
Phone: (340) 692-4187

St. Thomas Campus:

Ms. Dahlia Stridiron
Phone: (340) 693-1136
Ms. Melissa Williams
Phone: (340)693-1134