This certificate program consists of a series of methods courses which provide students with the body of professional knowledge and skills that prepare them to work effectively with broadcast media both as on-air talent and as station operators. The certificate is specifically for students who wish to enter the broadcasting profession with sufficient background and training to succeed in the business. It is also for students who are studying other majors who wish to perfect their skills in presenting their ideas in public. Enrollment in individual courses is open to anyone who meets the stated prerequisites. The certificate program is open to students who are already matriculated at UVI or students who have come to UVI solely to pursue this Certificate.

The Certificate will be awarded to students who complete 18 credits in the courses listed below with a grade of C or better in all.

Graduation Requirements

Students completing the certificate program as part of a degree program can organize their coursework to have the prerequisites completed before beginning the classes that require prerequisites. Note also that some classes can be taken concurrently. The program will organize these classes so that an NSE student could come in August and complete the certificate in one year. This requires that classes be sequenced and organized to ensure that the right sequence is available every year. Students are encouraged to simultaneously pursue parallel certificates in Entrepreneurship or in the Business of Music and to participate in the 13D competition. The intent is to have certificate recipients skilled in broadcasting PLUS music recording or business operations.


For more information about this program please contact
School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Dean - Dion Parsons

Administrative Specialist I - Dian Greaux-Levons