Centers and institutes are important components of the academic, research, and service mission of the University of the Virgin Islands. They play a significant role in enabling multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs, offering service-learning opportunities, supporting degree programs and engaging the community.


With focus areas ranging from agriculture and technology to spirituality and business development, UVI’s centers and institutes reflect the institution’s breadth and depth of academic, research and outreach pursuits.

Agricultural Experiment Station (AES)

The Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) conducts basic and applied research to meet the needs of the local agricultural community in increasing production, improving efficiency, developing new enterprises, preserving and propagating germplasm unique to the Virgin Islands, and protecting the natural resource base. AES scientists are actively involved in 32 projects in agronomy, animal science, aquaculture, biotechnology, agroforestry, & horticulture. Results of research projects are disseminated in scientific journals, research bulletins, fact sheets, farmers' bulletins, seminars, workshops, and short courses.

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Bucs Fitness Club

Bucs Fitness Club on UVI's St. Croix campus opened in early 2008. The 900 square-foot fitness club features a variety of strength training and aerobic equipment including an elliptical cross trainer, a stair master, a multi-purpose gym, free weights, a leg press bench, an adjustable utility bench, treadmills and an exercise bike.  Lockers, showers, wall mirrors and two flat screen televisions are featured in the club which is located in the heart of the St. Croix campus behind the Student Activities Lounge.

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Caribbean Exploratory Research Center for Excellence (CERC)

The Nursing Division at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) was awarded a grant (#1 P20MD 002286) from the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) which established the Caribbean Exploratory NIMHD Research Center for Excellence, hereafter referred to as the Caribbean Exploratory Research Center (CERC). The CERC will provide opportunities for a concerted focus on these complex variables as well as the unique intersections of island history, context, culture, demographics, socioeconomic status and other factors that might contribute to health disparities within the islands. The CERC will also increase the capacity of faculty and community representatives to conduct disparity research relating to the major health risks faced by Virgin Islanders.


Caribbean Green Technology Center (CGTC)

The Caribbean Green Technology Center (CGTC) is an initiative that is housed in the College of Science and Mathematics at the University of the Virgin Islands. The facility opened in response to the growing need for the advancement and development of alternative and renewable energy technology in the Virgin Islands and the Eastern Caribbean territory by extension. The organization’s main aim is to become the driving force in promoting the urgent transition towards the use of sustainable renewable energy by fostering research and education and workforce development.  


Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL)

The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) encourages and supports faculty and staff in the scholarship of teaching and learning by enhancing the quality of the teaching experience and the learning environment. The CETL promotes excellence in teaching and learner-centered environments by providing faculty with the resources and strategies to support, strengthen, and recognize high quality and innovative teaching.  Student learning resources are also available at the CETL, which include libraries, collection development, course reserves, information literacy instruction, wireless network, and the mycampus portal community.  

Center for Marine and Environmental Studies (CMES)

The Center for Marine and Environmental Studies (CMES) addresses environmental problems unique to tropical island communities and advances knowledge and learning in coastal marine systems through research, education and outreach programs. Based in the McLean Marine Science Center on St. Thomas, CMES collaborates with local organizations, other universities and government agencies to assess and monitor marine ecosystems and identify methods of conserving fisheries and marine and coastal areas that provide support for sustainable natural resource management. CMES has an active applied research program with projects that focus on fisheries management, coastal resources conservation, and development of the Virgin Islands' Marine Parks Management Plan.  


Center for Student Success (CSS)

The Center for Student Success is here to help you flourish at UVI. From summer preparation programs for incoming freshman to career guidance for soon-to-be graduates, we offer numerous resources to help you make the most of your time here. All our services are included in your tuition, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of these useful benefits. 

Center for the Study of Spirituality & Professionalism (CSAP)

Center for the Study of Spirituality and Professionalism (CSAP) serves as a mechanism for promoting spirituality and professionalism which are the key essentials to success. It is a resource for information and support for those who desire to review information, search for knowledge and explore wisdom. The integration of spirituality and professionalism promotes social justice, accountability and respect for life and property through the offering of events such as workshops, seminars, conferences, symposia, retreats and monthly gatherings. The Center invites you to explore our website and learn more about the opportunities we offer to enhance your life experience and social well-being.


Center for the Study of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CCAM)

Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Medicines will seek to provide evidence to support this holistic approach to healing and establish mechanisms for community outreach. Over time, the Center will expand its exploratory efforts to include investigations of other disease states or ailments that commonly affect US Virgin Islanders. As scientific evidence about the use of alternative botanical medicines is available through UVI-CCAM research, then local healthcare providers can make more informed decisions when communicating alternative treatment regimens and options to patients. 


Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning (CELL)

The Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning (CELL) was established to meet the workforce and professional development training needs critical to the economic prosperity of the Virgin Islands and surrounding Caribbean islands. CELL focuses on providing quality training opportunities designed to contribute to organizational and individual achievement.  Through collaborative partnerships, the UVICELL Center serves as a catalyst by providing training and on-going educational opportunities using responsive approaches to reach learners in the U.S. Virgin Islands and surrounding Caribbean. 


Cooperative Extension Service (CES)

The Cooperative Extension Service (CES) is empowered as an agency for public education and information dissemination responding to the needs of the community. Its mission is to be a dynamic, flexible organization dedicated to delivering research-based educational programs and information that address critical issues affecting families, individuals and the communities of the U. S. Virgin Islands. CES delivers programs in the areas of agriculture & natural resources, 4-H, family and consumer science, communications, technology and distance education.

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Eastern Caribbean Center (ECC)

The Eastern Caribbean Center (ECC) includes the Research Institute and the Conservation Data Center. The Research Institute compiles and analyzes demographic, social and economic data, and disseminates this data into various forums and formats. The Institute also conducts scientific surveys to measure the Territory's population and housing characteristics. The Conservation Data Center compiles, analyzes and disseminates natural resource and socioeconomic data and provides training in GIS (Geographic Information System). 

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Etelman Observatory

The Etelman Observatory serves as a center for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education excellence, a venue for public science outreach activities, and a fundamental astrophysics and geophysics research station. The Etelman Observatory is proud to be the only research-grade optical telescope in the Caribbean and the most powerful optical telescope ever available in the Caribbean region for use by the general public. 

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Global Institute for Leadership and Management Development (GILMD)

The University of the Virgin Islands, in collaboration with the University of the West Indies and Inter American University launched the Summer Institute for Future Global Leaders in the Caribbean (now called Global Institute for Leadership and Management Development - GILMD ).  Designed for students and workers in any area of the following disciplines: business, education, liberal arts, social science, nursing, science, mathematics, psychology, social sciences, tourism and hospitality, social work, public administration, communication, etc., the BUS 400 and BUS 540 courses are designed to provide training and education from a multi-discipline perspective to equip current and future leaders and managers anywhere in the world who are passionate about making a difference. Given that organizations in this competitive local and global environment need leaders and managers who are able to effectively and efficiently lead, plan, organize, select appropriate staff, direct, co-ordinate, budget and evaluate situations, the institute encourages the community to attend the annual International Conference on Leadership, Management and Strategic Development. 


Innovation Centers

UVI launched two innovation centers in January 2016 (one on each campus). These centers provide the space to encourage “creative collisions” – a place for students to meet and discuss ideas. The centers are equipped with equipment to help students collaborate and create rapid prototypes. Each center is equipped with computers, a 3D imaging camera, a 3D printer, white boards and configurable furniture.  

Institute for Geocomputational Analysis & Statistics (GeoCAS Institute)

The Institute for Geocomputational Analysis & Statistics works with social, physical, biological, policy, demographic data that are tied to geographic location for research, policy, and management. GeoCAS is an active online repository for geographic, and other spatially-explicit data for the U.S. Virgin Islands and the broader Caribbean Region. The Institute partners with many U.S. Federal, regional, and local agencies to serve data and applications. Data may be accessed via the data access portal, or the WebGIS mapping portal. 

Institute for Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness (ILOE)

UVI’s Institute for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (ILOE) is one of the University’s key initiatives designed to help build strong and diverse leaders capable of responding to the growing leadership needs of the University, the Virgin Islands community, the Caribbean region, and the world. ILOE is dedicated to supporting cutting edge research, exchange of knowledge, experiential learning, and development of leadership worldwide through an integrated set of educational offerings including seminars, workshops, conferences, modules, and consultancies. 



The Library, Albert A. Sheen Campus, St. Croix, was founded in 1964 and was moved to its present location in the Melvin Evans Center for Learning in 1975. The St. Thomas Campus Library was founded in 1962 and moved to its present location and dedicated in honor of former Governor Ralph M. Paiewonsky on March 16, 1969. The resources and collections of both libraries are oriented toward UVI’s instructional and research programs and are expanded and updated on a continuous basis with input from faculty, staff and students. The libraries’ current holdings of about 161,000 volumes including over 3,500 e-Books and over 300 print periodical subscriptions are accessible through a joint electronic catalog. 

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Reichhold Center for the Arts (RCA)

Whether you like to be on stage performing, or in the audience watching the performers on stage, the Reichhold Center for the Arts (RCA) offers the consummate regional theater-going experience.  Since its premier season in 1978, the Reichhold Center has showcased a wide variety of local, national, and international talent. The 1,196 seat amphitheater nestles in a natural valet overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The lobby includes a museum the houses UVI’s African art and artifact collection, and a gallery where local artist display their work. Friends of the Reichhold Center, an auxiliary group of volunteers, assist the center in planning and implementing activities in support of each season’s performances.

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Research and Technology Park (RTPark)

The University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) Research and Technology Park (RTPark) is a specialist economic development program that is designed to bring investment to the United States Virgin Islands by managing an incentive program and offering other advisory and technical services. It is a partnership between the private sector, the government of the US Virgin Islands and the University of the Virgin Islands.  The goal of the RTPark is to successfully establish the U.S. Virgin Islands as a premier business destination of choice for firms in knowledge and technology intensive sectors, or knowledge-based businesses.  The RTPark was established in 2002 and successfully attracted its first commercial client in 2006. The RTPark is headquartered in the 64 West Center, on the Albert A. Sheen campus of UVI in St Croix, US Virgin Islands.  

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Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The Virgin Islands Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs the practical assistance required to prosper in today's economy. It is a collaborative effort between the University of the Virgin Islands and the U. S. Small Business Administration. The mission of the VI SBDC is to assist emerging and existing small businesses through high quality.  


Sports & Fitness Center (SFC)

UVI's Sports and Fitness Center (SFC) is an $11 million facility for athletics and physical education. This gem of a building seats 2,500 to 3,000, depending on the type of event being hosted. It has a portable wood floor for the main court and two other tartan full courts running sideways for practice.  In addition, the building houses three classrooms and a VIP sky box/public relations area. The Sports and Fitness Center also is designed to contain a fully functional training room. It is the premier athletic facility of its type in the Caribbean. 

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Virgin Islands APEX Accelerator (VI APEX)

VI APEX Accelerator core function is to provide hands-on government contracting assistance to businesses looking to sell their products and services to the federal and state governments. VI APEX is a territory-wide program serving all districts in the US Virgin Islands.

VI APEX services are provided for FREE. 

The APEX Accelerator program is funded in part through a cooperative agreement by the US Department of Defense through the Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP).


Virgin Islands Caribbean Cultural Center (VICCC)

In harmony with the mission of the University of the Virgin Islands and its College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the Virgin Islands Caribbean Cultural Center collaboratively serves as a liaison designated to create a reservoir of resources and initiatives for faculty, students, administration, staff and the community to maintain and sustain access to materials that nurture, preserve, research, document, restore, promote, protect and respect Virgin Islands and Caribbean culture.  


Virgin Islands Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (VI-EPSCoR)

The vision of VI-EPSCoR is the development of the US Virgin Island's scientific capacity and its ability to support economic growth. The aim is to increase the quality and volume of nationally competitive research and grow a STEM-educated workforce to meet the challenges facing the islands. VI-EPSCoR aims to accomplish these goals by strengthening the Territory's physical and human resources through investments in capacity for marine and environmental research, policy making, education, outreach and, enhanced partnerships between researchers, policy makers, educators, and the broader community. A primary focus is the recognition that the health of the marine and environmental ecosystems are of vital importance to a healthy and sustainable future for the Territory.  To accomplish their mission, VI-EPSCoR 1. Conducts research that informs natural resource management, 2. Improves research infracture, 3. Increases student participation in STEM activities and 4. Builds community partnerships to leverage NSF investments.


Virgin Islands University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (VIUCEDD)

The Virgin Islands University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (VIUCEDD) was established in October 1994 and is funded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Developmental Disabilities and the United States Department of Education, Office of National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. The VIUCEDD mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families and to provide them with tools necessary for independence, productivity and full inclusion.  


Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI)

The Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) conducts research throughout the U. S. Virgin Islands. WRRI is one of the 54 water resources research institutes established at land-grant universities throughout the United States and its territories. Established in 1973, WRRI conducts research on water resources and related areas, assists in the training of students and water resources professionals and provides information exchange in the area of water resources locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. WRRI's meteorological observatory provides real time weather data that can be accessed through the Internet, and a water quality laboratory on the UVI St. Thomas campus serve as resources for the Virgin Islands community.


Wellness Center

The University of the Virgin Islands Wellness Center is a newly completed 6,250 sq ft. dance aerobics and weight training facility on the UVI’s St. Thomas campus.  The building design consists of a large entrance area with service desk, mirrored aerobic and dance studio with a sprung wood floor that can be divided with the use of a foldable portion to separate the studios. In addition, the facility has a fitness equipment room with state-of-the-art Life Fitness and Hammer Strength weight training and cardiovascular equipment.  The facility includes flat screen televisions and surround systems. The equipment includes treadmills, spin bikes, cable equipment, free weights with barbell and dumbbells, elliptical, exercise bikes, fitness balls and step equipment. Sign-up and pay for classes at the front desk.

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Writing Centers

The Writing Centers provide personal support to all University students through a variety of delivery systems.  We assist at any phase of the writing process, empowering our students to become more effective writers, thinkers, and learners as we help them achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.  

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